Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ladies & Gents

I've got a new job! You're looking at the new Craft Designer and Guest Service Rep for Nothing Bundt Cakes! I'll be learning a lot about the business side or running an operation and I'll be able to build my resume and the income will help build my portfolio by making cakes outside of work. How funny, I'm basically my own competition now - haha.

School has been crazy, beautiful! <3 I'm doing well in my classes! Staying ahead and trying to make sure I understand everything I do and come by. Three cake orders have already showed up at my door! One this week, two deliveries back home next week! And a Thursday night with some very wonderful people! I can't wait to be back home only if it's for a couple hours its being around people you love/like that matters.

Speaking of, love life still stinks. Slowly moving past what once was, trying not to think too much on what could have been but rather on what still is to come! Other than that, school and a new job, not too much going on in my life. Our New Yorker has gone back to NY and it's sad, missing her very much but only a few months and we will be flying up there for New Years! It's going to be outstanding!!!

"i used to think the moon followed me around and that made me special...
'if your not special then why is the moon still following you?'"

Monday, July 11, 2011

School again.

So before we get into school again let's chat. July has already been full of some really awesome memories & events! The first weekend of July the Boston Red Soxs played the Astros and I made EVERY game! July 1st was also Canada Day! We went out to this awesome Canadian/Hockey bar, drank and had a good time. Almost rumbled with some guy that spilled my own beer on me because he grabbed it up trying to be funny. I ended up meeting the non-drunk him last week and he is really nice and bought me a replacement beer and of course apologized - haha. Saturday & Sunday were both great days & wonderful weather for baseball. I got to see the behind the scenes of the ballpark which was neat and I'm HOPEFULLY getting an autographed ball from Pedroia and Reddick, two of my favorite Red Soxs players. Monday was the 4th of July - Happy 4th (late) Everyone! I just relaxed over at my friends by the pool, ate SHARK for the first time - that was good! Tuesday was the Zoo, it was HOT but it was fun. Since then it's just been a relaxing week. Our New Yorker is about to leave us so we threw her a Going Away Party! And it was a pretty big hit! I also decided that in a year I may go to A&M and get my event planning degree instead of nutrition. It's something I love and it goes hand-in-hand with being a Specialty Cake Designer. Tomorrow we say Goodbye to our New Yorker, taking her to San Antonio then Austin for one less fun day as the three of us. Can't wait to HOPEFULLY go see her in December after we both graduate!

So that brings us to school, I'm starting my second to last quarter. Expected to graduate in Dec 2011 and I can't wait. I'm attempting to put together the resume so I can get a real bug kid job since well I am currently jobless. I left the spa I couldn't take it anymore! It's not profession and I don't have to be treated like that by people younger than me and less intelligent! So I left! And you know what - I'm poor & the HAPPIEST I've been in SUCH a long time! I know it's time I find a job because that always helps but at least I have found happiness again! This quarter I will have pictures and recipes for everyone to have! I'm in a European Cakes & Tortes class, it's my only lab though the rest are finance building classes and management classes. I do have a wine class though and hopefully I'll be in the Pastry Club - if all hours work out!!! Well I need to start getting my knife kit together for class Wednesday.

Speak again soon.

Friday, July 1, 2011


The meaning to life is what you make it. It is dependent upon the choices you make and that chances you take, whether they be mistakes or miracles. Every action we take is a step down the path we choose and has been chosen for us. And every step can be a new chapter when we take the most from it!

I'm starting to realize that the only way I will overcome the things that are holding me back is to stop and put my guard down a little and brush off the dirt I pick up when I hit the ground. I have plenty of people in my life who will stick out there hand to help me and help me brush off the dirt and clean any wounds. They are the biggest part of my book, my family & my friends. We can't erase the past or parts of it we don't like, as much as well all deep down wish we could. Just try thinking about how much of a stronger person it has made you.

Okay so that's my deep thought for the day. The real story behind has been the past few weekends with my friends! Last weekend we hung out at a house of one, had dinner with the family and laid by the pool. I once again got pushed in and I don't see it ever coming to an end. This weekend definitely topped it! Last night was My Friends 22nd birthday, we decorated my apartment for her, made a cake and bought some cute little things as a present but what she doesn't know is we are trying to surprise her with a really awesome trip to the Riverwalk for an awesome girls weekend! So anyways, we watched a little Rugrats while we waited for everyone to get here, man Rugrats are still awesome - don't hate! Then it was off to the baseball game and WE WON - it was a birthday miracle for sure! After that we drove to the bar street, changed in an alley way (haha) & headed to the bars! $5 parking, 80's music singing at one of the bars, then we run into the funnest group of people, they took us to a fun bar bought a few rounds then jumped on a party bus and headed to a shot bar! Taxied home & ready to have the same amount of fun the rest of the weekend!

I Love my girls & so fortunate to have them in my life! And I think we all showed up in each others lives at the exact right time!

"Love what you have & be thankful for what you had"