Friday, July 1, 2011


The meaning to life is what you make it. It is dependent upon the choices you make and that chances you take, whether they be mistakes or miracles. Every action we take is a step down the path we choose and has been chosen for us. And every step can be a new chapter when we take the most from it!

I'm starting to realize that the only way I will overcome the things that are holding me back is to stop and put my guard down a little and brush off the dirt I pick up when I hit the ground. I have plenty of people in my life who will stick out there hand to help me and help me brush off the dirt and clean any wounds. They are the biggest part of my book, my family & my friends. We can't erase the past or parts of it we don't like, as much as well all deep down wish we could. Just try thinking about how much of a stronger person it has made you.

Okay so that's my deep thought for the day. The real story behind has been the past few weekends with my friends! Last weekend we hung out at a house of one, had dinner with the family and laid by the pool. I once again got pushed in and I don't see it ever coming to an end. This weekend definitely topped it! Last night was My Friends 22nd birthday, we decorated my apartment for her, made a cake and bought some cute little things as a present but what she doesn't know is we are trying to surprise her with a really awesome trip to the Riverwalk for an awesome girls weekend! So anyways, we watched a little Rugrats while we waited for everyone to get here, man Rugrats are still awesome - don't hate! Then it was off to the baseball game and WE WON - it was a birthday miracle for sure! After that we drove to the bar street, changed in an alley way (haha) & headed to the bars! $5 parking, 80's music singing at one of the bars, then we run into the funnest group of people, they took us to a fun bar bought a few rounds then jumped on a party bus and headed to a shot bar! Taxied home & ready to have the same amount of fun the rest of the weekend!

I Love my girls & so fortunate to have them in my life! And I think we all showed up in each others lives at the exact right time!

"Love what you have & be thankful for what you had"

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