Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Army of Minions

I got to make an Army of cupcake Minions for the three cutest kids! I took vanilla and chocolate cupcakes decorated them in Italian Buttercream colored blue. On top to act as the minions I used twinkies for the body, m&ms for eyes, licorice for hair and decorated the features in icing. They turned out to be a huge hit! And I'm so very proud to have been given the chance to make them. And of course like always I have included a great picture of the army! I hope you enjoy them (:

Left: Vanilla cupcakes, Right: Chocolate cupcakes // Italian Buttercream // twinkie bodies // m&m eyes, decorate features

Let me see, as for everything else, just working on gluing my life back together. I thought by now I would slowly be getting over the guy I had been with but it's harder than I thought. I know he is probably already past but he was the first real awesome guy I have been with in a long time! I would never trade the memories but I wish I could move past them. I've covered the photos and hidden the things I can't bare to see right now. If anyone has advice to overcome this please, please let me know!
Other than that most things are dandy, my mom is deploying in December that's the least favorite news. I'm great other than that, my job is coming to a close as work comes to a start again and now I'm trying to put together a resume for getting a job at a bakery or cake place. It's hard when you have no real professional experience but without a challenge whats the fun in finding the job your destined to find.


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