Saturday, June 18, 2011

Weekend time

It's the weekend now! I delivered a cake Friday morning, took my last final, then it was off to Holland to enjoy a break.

The cake turned out so beautiful the buttercream gave me hell so that's something I'm gonna have to work on. It's a pain but thanks to some Internet research I was able to finish it by 2 am maybe 3 so I went to bed and finished it completely in the morning. I'll attach the picture at the end.

Tonight is the Cornfest dance but earlier we went to the street fair stuff and sat with some really awesome people, one of which was a jolly giant he was really nice, they all were. It's always great when you can sit down with people you've never met and have a blast and wonderful conversations. The lady was a fire cracker like my mom, so I miss her.

She's been having some fun going rock climbing in jeeps and dirt races makes me envious wish I could be with her. So I can't wait to see again!

Not too much else, just going out the dance tonight and then headed to my dads tomorrow for some quality family time and Fathers Day, don't forget.

Office Party - Sharon Lang

2 layers chocolate // 1 layer vanilla // white chocolate buttercream // topped with chocolate covered strawberries // drizzled with chocolate // non-edible red ribbon around the bottom.

Live for the moments you have, remember the ones you had, and never miss out on the ones you'll regret!

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