Monday, January 31, 2011

Better Day

So I seem to be pushing my wake up time back more and more I'm thinking bed earlier would be smarter for me. Fingers crossed aiming for 11PM every night this week [maybe not Tuesday].

Class was MUCH better today! Chef is AMAZINGGG! Since I've been having issues with the EBooks and it's just adding to the rest of the stress I'm carrying around he lent me HIS book until the end of the Quarter! Hallelujah I can actually sit by the pool on Wed [if it's still as gorgeous as the past few days] and study! Today in class we finished the L'Opera Cake, and platted it. Mine actually came out better than I thought! Chef said he really liked it so that was a bonus too! We platted it with Coffee Anglaise and a crispy. We also learned about Chocolate today and tempering, then we made Filagree Chocolate Decors! I will be posting pictures of both, it's kind of neat to look at the progress of the designs I was great at the bottom row and and ND row but need more practice for the other two. The only bad part was I made mine to thin so when I went to use it, they just fell apart so the actual chocolate on my plated piece belongs to the girl who cooks next to me. We also made a Classic Genoise, not used until tomorrow. And we lastly, we learned how to fold Cornets and did 25 each, the first was difficult but I got it and took off.

Week 4 is almost over, Week 5 is Midterm! I'm NERVOUS! I'm really trying to stay with my all A's and high GPA. I found out that in the 5th Quarter if you have a 3.7 and higher and have maintained it the whole 5 quarters you get a red neckerchief to wear! Sounds corny I know but I've never had anything to really distinguish me as someone with honor like that. Other than that just a nap and a LONG day at work. For some reason Mondays seem to be REALLY busy days for us and now my back is killing me I can't wait to go to bed and relax it. Ohh the only other thing, I cut my own bangs this morning before school. I've been debating on how brave I really want to be and cut my own hair. But I think I may just wait until the night before my birthday and have a professional do that one! [28 days!]

I'm going to save the American Regional recipes for Wednesday when I don't have much else to write to you about. But here are the two recipes from today & pictures of the plated L'Opera Cake & Filagree & the cornet I made. Not much was done today or I could share more, but Enjoy!

Creme' Anglaise [This recipe makes 40 fl oz, you only need about 8 fl oz, so PLEASE cut the recipe ]
Half/Half 1 qt
Vanilla Bean 1
Egg Yolks 12 yolks
Granulated Sugar 10 oz
To get the coffee flavor, add Coffee extract, and if you are worried about it having a really strong coffee flavor at the end DON'T! It is DEEElicious! I tried to eat the whole thing before they took up plates but I couldn't finish it before they got to me! So sad.

Classic Genoise - This picture will be posted later, all we did was make the cake today.
Eggs 10
Granulated sugar 8 oz
Butter, melted 1.5 oz
Vanilla extract 2 tsp
Cake flour 9 oz
makes enough for 2 - 9 in rounds

Sunday, January 30, 2011


It feels like it's been forever since we last spoke. Let me give you a short update then the recipes you are missing.
Ebooks... well I had to update the version, my computer virus blocker thing was deflecting it. So I went to the tech lab at school and the guy messed with it and got the new version to upload, Awesome. Ohh wait THEN my books were DELETED! AHHH! I had to get on the phone with the company and have them reconnect me with my books. So about an hour or so more later I had the new version and my books back. So lucky for all of you and myself we have recipes once more and I can "study" I really hate studying on the computer but I won't get back on that soap box! I just plan to talk to someone at the school about making it a students CHOICE on whether or not to get an Ebook or a wonderful HARDCOPY COOK BOOK! (:
After I was all through and done with that I walked out to my car to go home and what do I come to find... post-it note attacked! [ha you thought it was going to be bad, didn't you?] Well my wonderful lab team and friends decided to turn my day around with some great notes left on my car, and it definitely did! Thanks ladies!
Other than that just great day in American Regional! Baking and Pastry not so much I felt really off of everything I was doing but I'll pick it up this week! Below are the recipes I owe you for Baking & Pastry. Tomorrow I will post American Regionals, because I'm still gathering that information up.


Tart Glaze: Ingredients: Simple syrup (1:1) 4 fl oz, Sheet gelatin, softened 4.5 grams, Fruit Juice/Puree/or Flavoring 2 oz. Use warm enough to not melt the Bavarian cream.

Cream Cheese Icing: Ingredients: Butter softened 6 oz, Cream cheese softened 1lb 8 oz, Margarine 6 oz, Vanilla extract 0.5 fl oz, Powdered sugar 2 lb

Crème’ Chantilly: Ingredients: Heavy cream chilled 1 qt, Powdered sugar 3 oz, Vanilla extract 2 tsp

Apricot Mousse: Ingredients: Apricot puree 1 lb (the flavor is optional0, Egg whites 2, Granulated sugar 4oz, Water 1.5 fl oz, Sheet gelatin 11 grams, Heavy Cream (soft peaks) 13 oz

Caramel Sauce: Ingredients: Granulated sugar 4lb 8oz, Water 1pt, Lemon juice 2fl oz, Heavy Cream 2 at, Butter (cut small) 5 oz


German Chocolate Cake: Ingredients: Sweet baking chocolate (58%) 8 oz, Water 4 fl oz, Butter (soft) 8 oz, Granulated sugar 1 lb, Egg yolks 4, Vanilla extract 1 tsp, Cake flour 10 oz, Baking soda 1 tsp, Salt ½ tsp, Buttermilk 8fl oz, Egg whites 4

Coconut Pecan Icing: Ingredients: Evaporated milk 8fl oz, Granulated sugar 8 oz, Egg yolks 3, Butter 4 oz, Vanilla extract 1 tsp, Coconut (flaked) 4 oz, Pecans (chop) 4 oz

Almond Sponge Cake: Ingredients: Sugar 8 oz, Egg yolk 8, Whole egg 3, Almond mill 3.5 oz, Cake flour 3.5 oz, Egg whites 8, Sugar 8 oz

French Buttercream: Ingredients: Sugar 1lb 3 oz, Corn syrup 3 oz, Water 6fl oz, Egg 3 (this makes it different from a traditional buttercream), Egg yolk 10, Butter 1lb 10 oz, Vanilla extract 1fl oz

Coffee Simple Syrup: Make simple syrup, and then add Coffee extract and Kahlua

Bon Appetit!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Eliminate EBooks

So why do I so Passionately dislike EBooks? Well because mine is no longer working! I can't study for my test tomorrow, I can't get the recipes for my readers or my class tomorrow. So now I don't really have much to tell. However, I cleaned my Whole apartment [minus dishes] EVEN washed my sheets! I couldn't wash my comforter my drier isn't top of the line or anything.
Then a friend came over we did some of our homework, much didn't get done too busy goofing around on FB and youtube and itunes, all well, at least some got done. Then we watched Easy A - good movie and ate some delicious take out! Yum! Well I know I don't have the recipes BUT I will still post the pictures! Hopefully the tech guys at school can locate my books! Since I did pay for them and I think I'll be talking to the dean or someone in higher power about how obscured these EBooks are!!!
So with not much more left to say, and an early bedtime I want to achieve before a long day tomorrow I will bid you Goodnight and enjoy the photos!

[From left to right, Day 1 - Carrot Cake w/ Cream Cheese icing, Day 1 - Charlotte]

[From Left to Right - Day 1 - Platted Apricot Mousse, Day 2 German Chocolate Cake]

If you would like any of the recipes let me know! I WILL get the recipes for you! And hopefully my books back too!

Ohh and BIG BONUS NEWS!!! I have my FIRST WEDDING ORDER - actual sit down, plan out, create, design, THE WORKS! Next Wednesday at 10 AM! For those of you who know how old I am, this is HUGE! And I haven't graduated yet! And the Wedding is November, I graduate in December! ****FIREWORKS****

Okay Ta-Ta!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Holy Moly

Ahh dang TWO days! I'm very sorry! Sunday was crazy from Church to work to Church, I came home and finished my journal for Baking & Pastry then passed out! Let's see I heard the best quote at Access [that's night church] and it will be tonight's ending quote since I didn't get it on here on Sunday! It's a really good one and when I heard it I was halted by it's power and truth! I'm really starting to look at life in a more open and different way. So Sunday was good, Friend went to church with me, I went to work and jammed to my ipod making paninis then back to church [with a starbucks stop on the way - yummy cinnamon Dulce].

So now Monday, WOW 515AM came FAST! In fact I snoozed till about 545, that's the great thing about not having to worry about hair, makeup and which outfit to wear. Clothes is the same uniform, no sense in fixing hair you wear a hat and make-up...really not worth it when you're cooking. And trust me not trying to impress anyone with anything but my pastry skills.

Day One, not too many recipes to give you on this day we just assembled the Charlotte and finished the Carrot Cake. The recipe I do have for you is another mousse, Apricot Mousse with steamed apricots & caramel sauce, platted with a crispy & chocolate decor. Now you saw last weeks and how great that one was, please don't compare it to this weeks, I'm so mad about this weeks. I have been in such a weird funky feeling the past two days that my platted dessert doesn't not stand close to last weeks. The flavor was great on the mousse, my American Regional Chef really liked it, but I didn't take credit I gave it to my partner who made it. Today I made the Tart Glaze for the Charlotte & helped the rest of the team do anything they needed. We were supposed to get a German Chocolate Cake done, but that didn't happen! I was aggravated with myself about this, just one of those days where the puzzle piece wasn't wanting to fit.
As for Day Two, still funky! Luckily tomorrow is Wednesday and there is no school or work, just lots of relaxing and errand running I can handle that and get rid of my massive headache! Day Two didn't have a lot either, German Chocolate Cake from Day One, this I made & it was good! Trust me I licked the spatula after -HAHA! Partner made the icing for it and I don't like German Chocolate Cake but I tried it and not half bad, I just can't get past the coconut flakes! Another Partner-2 she assembled the German Chocolate Cake & you'll see in the picture how awesome it looks! Lot better than the first one I ever made alone, we almost crumb coated & final coated it with chocolate ganache, it really tied it all together. Next we made an Almond Sponge Cake, traditional French Buttercream, more ganache & a Coffee Simple Syrup to make a French pastry called an Opera, we also assembled this cake before leaving today. I will have to post the recipes tomorrow for everything because since our book is an EBook now it expires after the "Trial period," so now I have to go FIND the book so I can give you the recipes I don't have. So tomorrow's blog will be just be recipes instead of my boring day -Haha! And lastly we filled and coated more Eclairs and got to trade them for some food from the Latin class! I got tasty Red Beans & Rice -YUM!
So to keep you in suspense one more day, since I don't have the recipes TOMORROW I will post BOTH pictures of everything & the recipes. Hopefully y'all aren't too upset (: I think you should make the Apricot Mousse though, it's really good! I'm not a huge apricot fan but it was tasty! Let's see as for work, yesterday HECTIC! I left two hours late stayed and helped close, we got super busy my last thirty min & with no dishwasher the closers would have been there all night so I stayed and did what I could to help. Today wasn't too bad just a sassy manager that I don't think realizes how she really talks to us. What's with rude people, eh? I mean doesn't it really get them any further? We all encounter them, and may even have a moment as one but think about it next time. Well I'm off to bed EARLY it's so nice!

Enjoy the quote! Goodnight!

"If today was your last season
Is what you ARE doing,
What you WOULD be doing?"

[told ya powerful!]

Saturday, January 22, 2011


So I know I'm a bad blogger, it's Saturday and I didn't post yesterday. So tonight tons of pictures from this week, including, Tuesday's baking & pastries & both Thursday & Friday's American Regional, Mid-Atlantic. And yes the recipes too! Because not much happened today, went to work it was dead then got my phone fixed!!! The FB pictures are completely updated! Updating the blog! Then...homework. I like how I make that the last thing. I've got 6 journals to write for one class, Oy vey! I'll be writing those tomorrow after work & church. Tonight I have only one to write & study a little.

Baking and Pastries - Tuesday. I gave you most of the recipes, some I didn't have but if you still want them just ask me. It's a Classic Chocolate Mousse w/ Mango Sauce [both of which I made] topped with chocolate curls, a tulip batter crisp, with raspberries on the side. We all got to plate ours in a different creative way and I really Love how mine came out. Chef called it a tornado twist and it kind of is - hope you enjoy it too!

American Regional - Week 2, Mid-Atlantic Region. Let's start with Day 1, Thursday. There was Vichyssoise Soup, Waldorf Salad, Braised short ribs w/ [rice pilaf, glazed carrots &] sauteed swiss chard. A very tasty day. I did the Swiss Chard, it was interesting to make. Pictures at the end as always. Ohh and we were the FIRST to put out plates! WHOOP!

Day 1 Recipes:
Vichyssoise Soup -served cold
Leeks 3 cups
Butter 1/4 cup
Onions (1/2in dice) 1/2 cup
Potatoes (1/2 in dice) 2 cups
Chicken Stock 3 cups
Salt/Pepper To taste
Milk 3/4 cup
Heavy Cream 1 cup
Chives, snip at angle 1/3 cup

Waldorf Salad
Apples, Julienne 3 cups
Lemon Juice 1 Tbsp
Celery, Julienne 1 cup
Walnuts, chop & toast 1/2 cup
Mayonnaise 1/4 cup

Braised Short Ribs
Beef short ribs 3 lbs
Salt/pepper To taste
Flour As needed
Vegetable Oil 1/4 cup
Onions (1/2in dice) 1 1/2 cups
Carrots (1/2 in dice) 3/4 cup (peeled)
Celery (1/2in dice) 1/4 cup
Garlic, minced 1 tsp
All Purpose Flour 2 Tbsp
Tomato (1/2in dice) 1/2 cup (peeled & seeded)
Dry red wine 1 1/2 cups
Beef Stock 2 cups
Thyme leaves, chop 1 Tbsp
Rosemary, chop 1 tsp
Bay leaves 2
Tomato paste 1 tsp

Sauteed Swiss Chard (pictured above)
Spinach leaves 6 cups
Swiss Chard 6 cups
Olive Oil 2 Tbsp
Onion, minced 1/4 cup
Garlic, minced 1 Tbsp
Butter 4 Tbsp
Salt/pepper To taste

Week 2, Day 2 Mid-Atlantic. This was a pretty awesome day as well, we were the 2nd team to produce plates this time but still better than last! I took on making the meat product this week which was "Shaker style" Turkey, it came out good. Although I mistakenly began frying it rather than simmering it, oops! Either way it was still juicy and DEEELicious! Today we made, Navy Bean Soup, Egg, cucumber, & tomato salad, the "Shaker style" Turkey and that was platted with croquette potatoes, [spaghetti squash & green beans].

Navy Bean Soup
Navy beans 3 1/4 cup (MUST soak 24 hours)
Bacon (1/4 dice) 1/4 cup
Carrot (1/4 dice) 1 cup
Celery (1/4 dice) 1 cup
Onions (1/4 dice) 1 1/2 cups
Garlic, minced 1 Tbsp
Sage, chop 1/2 tsp
Chicken Stock 3 cups
Smoked Ham Hock 1
Chives, minced 1 Tbsp

Egg, Cucumber & Tomato Salad
Black pepper 1/2 tsp
Salt 1/8 tsp
Garlic, minced 1 Tbsp
Olive oil 3 Tbsp
Red wine vinegar 1 Tbsp
Lemon juice 1 Tbsp
Green onion, (1/4 dice) 1/4 cup
Hard boiled egg 4
Celery (1/4 dice) 1/2 cup
Cucumber (1/4 dice) 1/2 cup (peeled & seeded)
Radish, sliced 6
Bibb lettuce, chiffon 1
Tomato, sliced thin 2

"Shaker style" Turkey
Turkey Cutlets 8 (1/4in thick)
Salt/blk pep To taste
Vegetable oil As needed
Shallot (1/4 dice) 1 Tbsp
Dry white wine 1/2 cup
Brown stock 1 1/4 cups
Tomato 1 cup
Parsley, chop 1 Tbsp

Croquette Potatoes (pictured above)
Potatoes 16 oz (1lbs)
Egg yolk 1 yolk
Butter 1 oz
Salt/white pep To taste
Flour 4 oz
Bread crumbs 5 oz
Whole egg 2

-Bon Appetit

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Faith's Hands

So I feel like a bad blogger today, I forgot all my recipe cards in my car and my camera, again. So tomorrow will be full of tons of juicy recipes from the Mid-Atlantic region. Plus a lot of pictures of my pastry class Tuesday, and today and tomorrows. I may have to include some that my Chef took when I went on break, they are pretty random thinking he got camera happy. Class was great though, we were the first team to plate everything and it was all good! We got a Great critique so go us! And BONUS! While I was at my dad's going through my piled up mail collection I received a letter from school concerning the end of last quarter. I GOT A 3.9, AAAANNNND I'M ON THE DEAN'S HONOR ROLL!!! Come on graduating with honors! That's my next goal.

Speaking of goals, I so have not been working out and I should with as much stress as I've been under. I need to find a racquetball court so I can both work out and take out the frustration. I heard the church I'm starting to attend has THREE so if that's true that gives me an even better place because I can stay for services or go after. Not much other than school and work again, didn't feel as long as it was I had my ipod on the whole time and didn't have to cut the meat it was already done for me, Awesome! Other than that just horrible phone call and a huge upset stomach. Hence faith's hands title. The quote that ends this plays in well to how I'm feeling and my head is going to continue to remain high and maybe things will go like I wish they would and if they don't I will learn to accept that. Thanks for all the prayers you've been sending I appreciate it a million times plus! Well I'm off to bed early, been a really long day and it starts early tomorrow and ends late again. GOODNIGHT Readers!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


So no blog yesterday, Sorry readers! But I went from my early class, home took a well needed nap, then went straight to work and spent the rest of the night trying to make things better. Then I left to go back home this morning at 9AM, I decided driving really later (1AM) in the sprinkles & dark were NOT in my best interest since they terrify me when combined.

So yesterday in a short wrap up with recipes at the end (don't worry haven't forgotten) I don't have a picture of the dessert to post so I will do that tomorrow when I post. My camera is in the car, it's cold and we live three flights up, sorry. Baking & Pastry class we started to assemble our Charlotte cake by adding Bavarian Cream and lining the pan with the lady fingers. We made Carrot Cake then we did our First platted dessert, Classic Chocolate Mousse with sauce, we used mango, and a tulip batter crisp. The only picture I have is of the platted dessert, the Charlotte isn't finished and the Carrot cake was put away before I got a picture. I made the mousse & the mango sauce and they were GREAT! The mousse was a little darker than it should have been but it was still YUMMY. Chef really like the design I did on my plate and for my crisp, it had like a tornado effect, can't wait to post the picture of it.
Other than class just came home slept, then went to work, BOY was that BUSY! They just started classes this week so we were packed line nonstop till around 7 then a break then a crazy line again right up until close! Talk about being physically & mentally exhausted, 12+ hours on my feet. After work I was headed out of town but ended up staying till morning I needed to talk some things out and feel better before I left town to get fresh air. Hopefully God has something planned and it will all work out in the end.

Today I didn't do much. Got to my dad's, did bills, laundry & caught up on B.B.T [Big Bang Theory]. I went to the doctors to check my records then had met up with two of the BEST gals I know [& their friend] we went to our favorite place for some frozen yogurt & to make that experience better they now have HAPPY HOUR! Half price yogurt! I paid $3 for a huge bowl of fruit yogurt, fruit & of course mini gummy bears!!! Then instead of leftovers @ Dad's we asked if he wanted the best chicken fingers EVER, he agreed if the twins wore name tags. So we picked up some delicious chicken, special sauce, toast & fries! What a delicious day! All for 13$ I miss eating cheap like this. They went home & I hung out with my dad and little brother, definitely well needed family time, wish it could have been longer. But now that I have to be up in 5 hours I'm going to bed. I'll study a little in the morning & use my lab partners recipe cards.

Ohh & I've been re-thinking my bakery name, right now it's Kiss Bakery, but I'm unsure about it. Let me know any ideas you come up with, you'll get credit promise!

Lady Finger batter 2 lb 3 oz
Simple syrup 6 fl oz
Fruit Liqueur 2 fl oz
Bavarian Cream 2 qt
Fruit Berries 1 1/2 qt (pitted)
Creme Chantilly As needed

Bavarian Cream
Milk 7 fl oz
Heavy cream 7 fl oz
Granulated sugar 3 oz
Vanilla Bean 1 tsp (paste)
Egg yolks 8 yolks
Sheet gelatin 11 grams
Heavy Cream 1 qt (whipped to soft peaks)

Carrot Cake (I lost this recipe card look for the post next week)

Classic Chocolate Mousse
Semisweet chocolate (58%) 7.5 oz
Butter 4.5 oz
Egg yolks 3 yolks
Egg whites 5 whites
Granulated sugar 1.5 oz
Heavy cream 4 fl oz

Sauce (ratio 2:1)
Puree 4oz
Granulated sugar 2oz

Tulip Batter (Recipe card ALSO disappeared, sorry readers)

Monday, January 17, 2011


Not much happened today other than waking up about 9AM, going to work [pay day tomorrow! dang holiday fell on pay day Monday], then getting home about 9PM. Talk about a very long "holiday vacation" day. Least I got yesterday off to go to Church I needed that, I still need that. It was a tad stressful too, my brain hasn't fully recollected itself, and I feel like little explosions keep happening. You know what I mean? When you fix one thing, but then it's like something else breaks. I'm feel like I'm at rock bottom, thank GOODNESS for Baking Class tomorrow! I need some sugar, flour & butter in my life! Tomorrow I know we are making Charlottes but I'm not sure what else, so it's a surprise for us both! I just know I'm going in there ONLY thinking about sweets, nothing else! Thanks for all the prayers you've been sending my way, I'm still praying hard, glad I have Church back too.
Let's see, tomorrow, BAKING/PASTRY class [early as heck], then nap & work till 10ish. Then I'm going home, I need some family time! Hanging out with pops & little brother, may steal my brother from school [shh] haven't decided yet. Or just go on campus and watch the squirrels attack people, it sounds lame, but there are actually some really funny stories that seem to happen on that campus! But it'll be nice to get out of the BIG city & go to a smaller one. At least the traffic doesn't suck as much. I probably won't be putting out a blog tomorrow unless it's just my class stuff, but I will try, same with Wednesday.
Ohh and just a little bonus info that I'm proud of, I made a promise to Someone that I would stop drinking until I turn 21, it's in about 40ish days, I keep losing track. So if anyone needs a DD until then I'm your gal.
In honor of MLK Day I chose to do a quote from him, but I found two, Enjoy!

"Faith is taking the first step, even when you don't see the whole staircase."

"Hatred paralyzes life; love release it. Hatred confuses life; love harmonizes it. Hatred darkens life; love illuminates it."

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Faith. Family. Friends. Without faith you have no direction. Without family you have no support. & without friends you have nothing.
So today was the great ending to a terrible four days. I am getting back in to church, and since I decide when I work on Sundays I'm going to make it a goal to start going again, or a bible study. Something that will help guide my faith and teach me more about Him. We learned about El Elyon: the God who is sovereign, we need to follow him and put him above ourselves! We don't like someone to control our life but He will guide us to the right places. At the night service we learned about temptation and how we are tempted and how it leads us to sin. I really enjoyed both the services, I cried in both with my emotional roller-coaster going on right now it wasn't hard to start the water works going. After I made the scariest phone calls but I got the greatest reply and a WEIGHT of struggle & emotion was lifted from me! I can once again breathe and I have no one to THANK but God. I have done all I can do and now it's up to Him where I go in the next few steps. And I have my family and friends besides me so I am no longer afraid.
Not much happened other than Church & having what I hope to be a promising conversation, but like I said I have let go of the wheel, & I'm okay with that.
Work in the morning then those fun journals I may have mentioned in previous post. I'm gonna knock out 1-3 tonight before bed so that I only have one really long one to write plus the reading and this weeks recipes & more reading. FUUUN! Also calling to have my phone fixed! And going back home Wednesday, I need some family around me.
"Before a tree blooms, it has to first die. Before a child is born, there is great pain. Before every beautiful thing there is something we must fight through first."

Saturday, January 15, 2011


"A friend is a person who understands your past, believes your future, & accepts you the way you are"

I am once again going to state how thankful I am to have the friends I do. I have never needed someone to be there for me as bad as I have the past few days. Times like this is when you really learn what "True Friend(s)" mean, & I know mine.
Today I had to get out of the house, I don't have the money right now for groceries, payday isn't till Monday for me, so I haven't been able to bake since I'm out of flour. Baking is a great way for me to let go some stem and be happy. If you are mad when you bake whatever is made will taste like that bad attitude, so in order to make something delicious you have to be happy. And as soon as I get groceries I will be creating & inventing MY FIRST cupcake recipe! YUM! It's going to be my FAVORITE candy bar in a DEEElicious cupcake form!
So anyways needed to get out of the house; went and bought school supplies & a new skillet since well I killed mine... oops. I then ran around with my bestie before her grands arrived we made then [box] lasagna, it was good so don't even hate! Then watched Willy Wonka & The Goonies! It was a great night, my mind was clear for most of it & they invented me to church in the morning! First time I've gone to church since high school I think. So it'll be nice to get there and really pray hard before a phone call. Hopefully prayers will be answered! Only complaint of the day, my dumb phone won't ring or vibrate! Annoying I tell ya! But after I call the insurance I should have a replacement in about a week, there is always a positive to a negative.

"You'll get mixed up, of course, as you already know. You'll get mixed up with many strange birds as you go. So be sure when you step. Step with care and great tact and remember that Life's a Great Balancing Act. Just never forget to be dexterous and deft. And never mix up your right foot with your left."
Dr. Seuss (Oh, the Places You'll Go!)

Friday, January 14, 2011

Colors that aren't there.

Girls Night was great, we watch Dinner For Schmucks, if you haven't seen it you Should! Steve Carell is Amazinggg! I have surrounded myself with some of the greatest people! I looked back at pictures of past times and memories and I am glad I have matured. I don't regret the past but there are things I wish could have been different. Since I can not change them I will make these times better, and I have. My friends are amazinggg! They have the biggest open & caring hearts and great sense of humors! So I would like to say Thanks to all of you for being here for me!

Well today began early for the last time this week, 5:25 I dragged myself out of bed not ready to get up. Still feeling sick with my head in a thousand places my friends had gotten me a gift to pick up my spirits, a cute cupcake necklace! Like I said, great friends!
Today was also Day 2 of New England, Mesclun Salad, Cod Cakes with Tarter Sauce & DEElicious Turkey Rulade with cranberry sauce, sweet potato, stuffing, glazed turnips and green beans sauteed with mushrooms topped with fried onions. Yes it was GOOD! I wasn't a fan of the glazed turnips or cranberry sauce, but talk about a plate full of food ready for Thanksgiving. A little late but I know what I'll probably be making in 10 months. Pictures will be posted in this order and if you want the recipe(s) make sure to let me know!
After class took a nap then one of my Besties and I went and chowed on some Arby's Yum! Had some blood taken. THEN cupcakes & had a cold glass jar of milk, DOUBLE Yum! Came home exhausted, started watching Office Space [great movie] but ended up falling asleep because I was so tired. Woke up watching DESPICABLE ME! [uni uni uni-corn, so FLUFFY!] Readers if you haven't seen any of the three movies I listed you need to log off and reevaluate your movies and watch them (: So all in all been a pretty lazy day & completely ready for the weekend, I've got some journals to write for class and reading about the Science of Baking and New England cooking.

"See the Colors that aren't there. And all the Beauty in between"

Bon Appetit.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


All I ask is for your prayers. I don't want to say what for but I could really use them right now. I spent the most of the night and morning up thinking about life and what has happened and what will happen. I didn't sleep much and I can barely nap now. My appetite is bland but I need to eat healthy and stay positive. All good things come to those who wait and also those who are patient and positive, so I'm trying. All I can say is"Thank You" to those people around me who are here to help. This part of the blog isn't for anyone to ask questions about, it's simply me taking it off my chest.

As for the rest of the blog, it was the first day of American Regional, up bright and early again at 5:15 [well kind of] I don't have the correct recipes and I'm waiting for my EBook to download so I will put the recipes up tomorrow, today just pictures of what they are. We cooked New England style and it was good, my favorite the New England Clam Chowder! The other two things made were, New England Broiled Dinner and Marinated Tomato and Zucchini Salad. [I'll list the pictures in this order]
Hmm... came home from class talk with my Aunt a little then took a nap, kind of people chose that time to call and text. So I gave up on getting anymore and started doing some research and downloading my textbook to start studying about New England. With all of today's happenings I'm turning myself over to a Girls Night, movies, popcorn, pizza & hopefully one of my favorite games "The game of Things" (highly recommended!)

"It's better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all."

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Take today and remember the people who are no longer with you. Two years ago the world lost a Great soldier, a family lost an Amazing son and friends and those who knew him only in passing lost a great Impact. But what none of us lost was his Spirit and our Memories with him. I only met Zac a few times through my dad at the Aggie games, but the best memory was meeting him at my first Aggie game. I wasn't an Aggie and I never cheered for A&M, not for any reason just wasn't my team. But at this particular game I stood next to Zac and he told me Aggie stories, told me why they were called the 12th Man, taught me Gig 'Em and WHOOP! Let's just say after halftime I was humpin' it out and singing Hullabaloo (as best I could).

I saw Zac only at games or when I was on campus with my dad. He was a great leader and a great man my dad always said, definitely a guy to bring home to mom or look up to. He had a smile that could steal your heart, full of happiness and laughter, if you never got to shake his hand I wish you could have. There was always a new story when I saw him and I was always willing to listen. Now I didn't know him very well but walking the stage at his memorial service there sat a 6pack of Shiner Bock, so tonight I will drink one down for you! And for my readers, remember those who have made a positive impact in your life and try to do the same for another person.

As for the day, not to much just slept in really late did some picking up at home, phone calls & things that needed done. And tonight Jeff is making me dinner & watching movies. Should be a rather wonderful night in his company. Not too much more until tomorrow, which is my American Regional class and we are cooking New England style, tasty!

Until then listen to a good song on full blast, dance like no one is watching, and enjoy the company you surround yourself in.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Today was a great day to be a baker! We made some really good stuff today in class! Started at 5:15AM again and it was harder to get up this morning, mainly because it was rather cold and I'm not a fan of being cold, but I have no class tomorrow so I can stay in bed till it's warm enough to roll out of. I took pictures of what we made in class today so make sure to take a gander at those beauties.
In class are assignments were, Pear Frangipane, Lady Finger Sponge, Pate a Choux [Eclairs], Pastry Cream, Ganache, and American Butter-cream Cake (found out that is the name of it, told you I would). So since over Christmas I made lady fingers for the first time and it took me THREE tries to finally get the consistency close to right, so I decided I wanted to take lead on that! And guess what I excelled at it this time! We had the fluffiest consistent Lady Finger Sponges in t
he class, boy ohh boy was I a proud one, modest of course. Chef demo'd our product to the class and then Ben [my lab partner] and I took over the rest of the piping. Now we I get in the groove of doing something I really focus and sometimes forget to breathe regularly, so as I'm piping the base for the Charlottes we are making next week I hear "Breathe" come from my Chef. I pause, breathe and continue. Then Chef comes around to watch me and decides that I'm in too much focus and *Bump hits my elbow, kills my groove! So he comes around later and shows me a little more piping and then laughs saying "[I] could have bumped him" so I just grinned and said "I don't lower my standards." Ohh man what a laugh that caused to everyone who heard, it was great!
As for everything else we worked as a whole team. I filled the Eclairs with the pastry cream, dipped them in the chocolate ganache and boxed them for the Deli. Yes everything that we make in Pastries is taken to the Deli to be sold, I feel like I should make a profit off that somehow. I did buy some after class, later I was told I could have just asked [thanks Chef].
So school was a blast other than my right knee giving out on me - luckily I wasn't holding anything. BUT I did find out that it's true "Asians do age well," not being racist! My roommate said it once and I just laughed but after my lab partner told me he was 31 and looks maybe 24 I was like WHAT [like a minion]! Had lunch with Layn
e at school, mmm pizza! Took some knee pain and passed out when I got home. The knee is still killing me so I'm looking for a doctor and possibly going by the end of the week. I'm hoping I didn't re-tear anything, I don't think crutches and cooking go well together. I will leave you now with the rest of your day or night, and of course the recipes & Pictures!

Pear Frangipane Tart:
Take the sweet tart dough you made yesterday, roll it out and place it in a tart pan. Line the bottom in delicious raspberry sauce a very thin layer & add the almond cream. Now take 2 pears, cut in half slice very very thin and place at 12, 3, 6, & 9 o' clock. Bake 350F to a DEEP golden brown

"Deep brown is the sugar caramelizing, don't be afraid to bake it"

Before you start the American buttercream cake, you'll have to make Simple Syrup
Simply Syrup: (ratio 1:1)
Water 1 qt
Sugar 1 lb
*optional to flavor with an alcohol but do not put a lot in, it's not a rum cake.

So to put the American Buttercream Cake together you'll need your Chiffon cake, swiss buttercream & simple syrup
Even your cake layers you'll need 3 layers of cake total so don't fret if you goof on one. You assemble Cake ->simple syrup (LIGHTLY brushed on) -> buttercream (thickness of half the cake) and repeat this procedure. Crumb coat the cake which basically means seal in the crumbs of the cake. You do this by icing the cake in a thin layer placing it in the fridge for about 5 min then after you take it out you will put the final icing on it.

Lady Fingers:
Bread Flour 5 oz
Cornstarch 4 oz
Egg Yolks 7 oz (12 yolks)
Vanilla Extract 0.15 fl oz (1 tsp)
Egg Whites 12 oz (12 whites)
Granulated Sugar 7.5 oz
Dust with powdered sugar before baking.
This one is a little tricky so if you want the FULL recipe on how to bake it let me know.

Pate A Choux (Eclairs):
Milk 8 fl oz
Water 8 fl oz
Salt 0.3 oz (1 1/2 tsp)
Unsalted Butter 7 oz - chop VERY small
Bread Flour 10 oz
Eggs 16 oz (10 eggs)

Pastry Cream - this is what you fill the Eclairs with:
Milk 1 qt
Vanilla Bean, split or Vanilla Bean Extract 1 or 2 tsp
Granulated Sugar 7.5 oz
Egg Yolks 6 oz (10 yolks)
Cornstarch 2.5 oz
Unsalted Butter 2 oz

Lastly for today Ganache: (ratio 1:1)
Pastry Cream 8 oz
Semisweet Chocolate 8 oz

Bon Appetit

Monday, January 10, 2011


2011, senior year
Time to try this blogging again, but as a resolution for the new year I'd really like to keep it up.

Today started nice and early at 5:15 AM, I dragged myself out of bed a lot easier than I had imagined put on that wonderful uniform again, ate a waffle & left for my first class, BAKING & PASTRY! As tried as I was I was completely ecstatic to be sitting at that wood block table talking about things I knew more of. Then Chef assigns teams and I go from confident to nervous at the sound of my name being called. Assignments today: Sweet Tart Dough with a Frangipane (almond filling) and a Orange Zest Chiffon Cake with Swiss Butter-cream [YUM] Immediately I volunteer to do the Chiffon cake, I had done one for my roommates birthday so I felt more comfortable taking the lead on that and a lab partner joined me. [Don't worry readers the recipes will be at the bottom of the end]
Greatest thing about class was that Chef doesn't just give us recipes and say here this is the assignment, "GO." He actually talks about the science aspect of it all and why we have to mix the ingredients in a certain order, actually learned some things. Then he likes to ask us converting math questions, I have got to get better at doing those on the spot! I have a GREAT feeling about this class and that I will be learning a lot more than I currently know. And to top off the early morning I got the most AMAZINGGG request/question/order whichever, but I got officially asked to do the WEDDING CAKE of a new friend I have made in Houston!!! I haven't even graduated or done a wedding cake and my portfolio isn't that complex but WHAT A HONOR! Of course I said yes and right then ABAZILLION ideas start going off in my head and tomorrow I'll be working on the drawings.

So not much else has happened today after class. I did, however, come home and do some YogaX, and discovered that I am NO where near as limber as I once was and it was only 4 months ago that I did yoga - odd. And apparently my knee didn't enjoy it; it's super tweeked right now. After that I just did some homework, trying to stay ahead of my classes rather than fall behind again. Which brings me to my wrap up - this is my first year that I actually set a New Year Resolution and so far I have Four! 1. Blog more - relieves stress 2. Exercise - yogaX, stretchX & running. 3. Stay ahead/Get ahead of my classes. And, as of right now, lastly 4. Graduate with honors and/or the top of my class! [Go big or go home right] I have 4 I think my readers should at least have one!

And I didn't forget here are the recipes - any questions you know how to get me!

Sweet Tart Dough:
Unsalted Butter 1 lb 8oz
Granulated Sugar 1 lb 5oz
Egg Yolks 26 yolks
Whole Egg 2 eggs
All Purpose Flour 3 lb 8 oz
[[it's recommend that you dived this recipe in half we did in class, it's enough for one pie]]
The sweet tart dough is filled with the Frangipane (almond filling) recipe

Almond Paste 1 lb
Granulated Sugar 2 oz
Unsalted Butter 7 oz
Eggs 4 eggs
Vanilla Extract 0.5 fl oz
Cake Flour 1.5 oz

The next 2 recipes go together, the Chiffon cake is covered in the Swiss butter-cream, it's called an American Butter-cream cake [I think that's what he called it, I'll let you know tomorrow readers]

[Orange Zest] Chiffon Cake
[[these are the dry ingredients]]
Cake Flour 8 oz
Granulated Sugar 12 oz [[reserve 6oz aside to make the meringue]
Baking Powder 0.4 ox (1 TBSP)
Salt 0.2 oz (1 Tsp)
[[these are the wet - they have to be mixed separately then mixed in three parts]]
Vegetable Oil 4 fl oz
Egg Yolks 6 yolks
Water 2 fl oz
Orange Juice (or sub more water) 4 fl oz
Orange Zest 0.2 oz (1 TBSP or 2 oranges)
Vanilla Extract 0.5 fl oz
[[the meringue will be mixed in last in three parts]]
Granulated Sugar 6 oz [[this should be the reserved from the 12 oz earlier]]
Egg Whites 8 egg whites

Lastly Swiss Butter-cream:
Unsalted Butter (room temp) 42 oz
Egg Whites 16 eggs
Granulated Sugar 2 lbs
Vanilla Extract 2 Tsp

Bon Appetit