Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Eliminate EBooks

So why do I so Passionately dislike EBooks? Well because mine is no longer working! I can't study for my test tomorrow, I can't get the recipes for my readers or my class tomorrow. So now I don't really have much to tell. However, I cleaned my Whole apartment [minus dishes] EVEN washed my sheets! I couldn't wash my comforter my drier isn't top of the line or anything.
Then a friend came over we did some of our homework, much didn't get done too busy goofing around on FB and youtube and itunes, all well, at least some got done. Then we watched Easy A - good movie and ate some delicious take out! Yum! Well I know I don't have the recipes BUT I will still post the pictures! Hopefully the tech guys at school can locate my books! Since I did pay for them and I think I'll be talking to the dean or someone in higher power about how obscured these EBooks are!!!
So with not much more left to say, and an early bedtime I want to achieve before a long day tomorrow I will bid you Goodnight and enjoy the photos!

[From left to right, Day 1 - Carrot Cake w/ Cream Cheese icing, Day 1 - Charlotte]

[From Left to Right - Day 1 - Platted Apricot Mousse, Day 2 German Chocolate Cake]

If you would like any of the recipes let me know! I WILL get the recipes for you! And hopefully my books back too!

Ohh and BIG BONUS NEWS!!! I have my FIRST WEDDING ORDER - actual sit down, plan out, create, design, THE WORKS! Next Wednesday at 10 AM! For those of you who know how old I am, this is HUGE! And I haven't graduated yet! And the Wedding is November, I graduate in December! ****FIREWORKS****

Okay Ta-Ta!

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