Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Take today and remember the people who are no longer with you. Two years ago the world lost a Great soldier, a family lost an Amazing son and friends and those who knew him only in passing lost a great Impact. But what none of us lost was his Spirit and our Memories with him. I only met Zac a few times through my dad at the Aggie games, but the best memory was meeting him at my first Aggie game. I wasn't an Aggie and I never cheered for A&M, not for any reason just wasn't my team. But at this particular game I stood next to Zac and he told me Aggie stories, told me why they were called the 12th Man, taught me Gig 'Em and WHOOP! Let's just say after halftime I was humpin' it out and singing Hullabaloo (as best I could).

I saw Zac only at games or when I was on campus with my dad. He was a great leader and a great man my dad always said, definitely a guy to bring home to mom or look up to. He had a smile that could steal your heart, full of happiness and laughter, if you never got to shake his hand I wish you could have. There was always a new story when I saw him and I was always willing to listen. Now I didn't know him very well but walking the stage at his memorial service there sat a 6pack of Shiner Bock, so tonight I will drink one down for you! And for my readers, remember those who have made a positive impact in your life and try to do the same for another person.

As for the day, not to much just slept in really late did some picking up at home, phone calls & things that needed done. And tonight Jeff is making me dinner & watching movies. Should be a rather wonderful night in his company. Not too much more until tomorrow, which is my American Regional class and we are cooking New England style, tasty!

Until then listen to a good song on full blast, dance like no one is watching, and enjoy the company you surround yourself in.

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