Wednesday, January 19, 2011


So no blog yesterday, Sorry readers! But I went from my early class, home took a well needed nap, then went straight to work and spent the rest of the night trying to make things better. Then I left to go back home this morning at 9AM, I decided driving really later (1AM) in the sprinkles & dark were NOT in my best interest since they terrify me when combined.

So yesterday in a short wrap up with recipes at the end (don't worry haven't forgotten) I don't have a picture of the dessert to post so I will do that tomorrow when I post. My camera is in the car, it's cold and we live three flights up, sorry. Baking & Pastry class we started to assemble our Charlotte cake by adding Bavarian Cream and lining the pan with the lady fingers. We made Carrot Cake then we did our First platted dessert, Classic Chocolate Mousse with sauce, we used mango, and a tulip batter crisp. The only picture I have is of the platted dessert, the Charlotte isn't finished and the Carrot cake was put away before I got a picture. I made the mousse & the mango sauce and they were GREAT! The mousse was a little darker than it should have been but it was still YUMMY. Chef really like the design I did on my plate and for my crisp, it had like a tornado effect, can't wait to post the picture of it.
Other than class just came home slept, then went to work, BOY was that BUSY! They just started classes this week so we were packed line nonstop till around 7 then a break then a crazy line again right up until close! Talk about being physically & mentally exhausted, 12+ hours on my feet. After work I was headed out of town but ended up staying till morning I needed to talk some things out and feel better before I left town to get fresh air. Hopefully God has something planned and it will all work out in the end.

Today I didn't do much. Got to my dad's, did bills, laundry & caught up on B.B.T [Big Bang Theory]. I went to the doctors to check my records then had met up with two of the BEST gals I know [& their friend] we went to our favorite place for some frozen yogurt & to make that experience better they now have HAPPY HOUR! Half price yogurt! I paid $3 for a huge bowl of fruit yogurt, fruit & of course mini gummy bears!!! Then instead of leftovers @ Dad's we asked if he wanted the best chicken fingers EVER, he agreed if the twins wore name tags. So we picked up some delicious chicken, special sauce, toast & fries! What a delicious day! All for 13$ I miss eating cheap like this. They went home & I hung out with my dad and little brother, definitely well needed family time, wish it could have been longer. But now that I have to be up in 5 hours I'm going to bed. I'll study a little in the morning & use my lab partners recipe cards.

Ohh & I've been re-thinking my bakery name, right now it's Kiss Bakery, but I'm unsure about it. Let me know any ideas you come up with, you'll get credit promise!

Lady Finger batter 2 lb 3 oz
Simple syrup 6 fl oz
Fruit Liqueur 2 fl oz
Bavarian Cream 2 qt
Fruit Berries 1 1/2 qt (pitted)
Creme Chantilly As needed

Bavarian Cream
Milk 7 fl oz
Heavy cream 7 fl oz
Granulated sugar 3 oz
Vanilla Bean 1 tsp (paste)
Egg yolks 8 yolks
Sheet gelatin 11 grams
Heavy Cream 1 qt (whipped to soft peaks)

Carrot Cake (I lost this recipe card look for the post next week)

Classic Chocolate Mousse
Semisweet chocolate (58%) 7.5 oz
Butter 4.5 oz
Egg yolks 3 yolks
Egg whites 5 whites
Granulated sugar 1.5 oz
Heavy cream 4 fl oz

Sauce (ratio 2:1)
Puree 4oz
Granulated sugar 2oz

Tulip Batter (Recipe card ALSO disappeared, sorry readers)

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  1. I'm ket-ching up on your blog..avoiding work on this lovely Friday afternoon. I can tell it's a lovely day because I have a huge window! I think you should change your bakery name, so I can create a new logo for you! :) -your roomie