Friday, January 14, 2011

Colors that aren't there.

Girls Night was great, we watch Dinner For Schmucks, if you haven't seen it you Should! Steve Carell is Amazinggg! I have surrounded myself with some of the greatest people! I looked back at pictures of past times and memories and I am glad I have matured. I don't regret the past but there are things I wish could have been different. Since I can not change them I will make these times better, and I have. My friends are amazinggg! They have the biggest open & caring hearts and great sense of humors! So I would like to say Thanks to all of you for being here for me!

Well today began early for the last time this week, 5:25 I dragged myself out of bed not ready to get up. Still feeling sick with my head in a thousand places my friends had gotten me a gift to pick up my spirits, a cute cupcake necklace! Like I said, great friends!
Today was also Day 2 of New England, Mesclun Salad, Cod Cakes with Tarter Sauce & DEElicious Turkey Rulade with cranberry sauce, sweet potato, stuffing, glazed turnips and green beans sauteed with mushrooms topped with fried onions. Yes it was GOOD! I wasn't a fan of the glazed turnips or cranberry sauce, but talk about a plate full of food ready for Thanksgiving. A little late but I know what I'll probably be making in 10 months. Pictures will be posted in this order and if you want the recipe(s) make sure to let me know!
After class took a nap then one of my Besties and I went and chowed on some Arby's Yum! Had some blood taken. THEN cupcakes & had a cold glass jar of milk, DOUBLE Yum! Came home exhausted, started watching Office Space [great movie] but ended up falling asleep because I was so tired. Woke up watching DESPICABLE ME! [uni uni uni-corn, so FLUFFY!] Readers if you haven't seen any of the three movies I listed you need to log off and reevaluate your movies and watch them (: So all in all been a pretty lazy day & completely ready for the weekend, I've got some journals to write for class and reading about the Science of Baking and New England cooking.

"See the Colors that aren't there. And all the Beauty in between"

Bon Appetit.

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