Sunday, January 30, 2011


It feels like it's been forever since we last spoke. Let me give you a short update then the recipes you are missing.
Ebooks... well I had to update the version, my computer virus blocker thing was deflecting it. So I went to the tech lab at school and the guy messed with it and got the new version to upload, Awesome. Ohh wait THEN my books were DELETED! AHHH! I had to get on the phone with the company and have them reconnect me with my books. So about an hour or so more later I had the new version and my books back. So lucky for all of you and myself we have recipes once more and I can "study" I really hate studying on the computer but I won't get back on that soap box! I just plan to talk to someone at the school about making it a students CHOICE on whether or not to get an Ebook or a wonderful HARDCOPY COOK BOOK! (:
After I was all through and done with that I walked out to my car to go home and what do I come to find... post-it note attacked! [ha you thought it was going to be bad, didn't you?] Well my wonderful lab team and friends decided to turn my day around with some great notes left on my car, and it definitely did! Thanks ladies!
Other than that just great day in American Regional! Baking and Pastry not so much I felt really off of everything I was doing but I'll pick it up this week! Below are the recipes I owe you for Baking & Pastry. Tomorrow I will post American Regionals, because I'm still gathering that information up.


Tart Glaze: Ingredients: Simple syrup (1:1) 4 fl oz, Sheet gelatin, softened 4.5 grams, Fruit Juice/Puree/or Flavoring 2 oz. Use warm enough to not melt the Bavarian cream.

Cream Cheese Icing: Ingredients: Butter softened 6 oz, Cream cheese softened 1lb 8 oz, Margarine 6 oz, Vanilla extract 0.5 fl oz, Powdered sugar 2 lb

Crème’ Chantilly: Ingredients: Heavy cream chilled 1 qt, Powdered sugar 3 oz, Vanilla extract 2 tsp

Apricot Mousse: Ingredients: Apricot puree 1 lb (the flavor is optional0, Egg whites 2, Granulated sugar 4oz, Water 1.5 fl oz, Sheet gelatin 11 grams, Heavy Cream (soft peaks) 13 oz

Caramel Sauce: Ingredients: Granulated sugar 4lb 8oz, Water 1pt, Lemon juice 2fl oz, Heavy Cream 2 at, Butter (cut small) 5 oz


German Chocolate Cake: Ingredients: Sweet baking chocolate (58%) 8 oz, Water 4 fl oz, Butter (soft) 8 oz, Granulated sugar 1 lb, Egg yolks 4, Vanilla extract 1 tsp, Cake flour 10 oz, Baking soda 1 tsp, Salt ½ tsp, Buttermilk 8fl oz, Egg whites 4

Coconut Pecan Icing: Ingredients: Evaporated milk 8fl oz, Granulated sugar 8 oz, Egg yolks 3, Butter 4 oz, Vanilla extract 1 tsp, Coconut (flaked) 4 oz, Pecans (chop) 4 oz

Almond Sponge Cake: Ingredients: Sugar 8 oz, Egg yolk 8, Whole egg 3, Almond mill 3.5 oz, Cake flour 3.5 oz, Egg whites 8, Sugar 8 oz

French Buttercream: Ingredients: Sugar 1lb 3 oz, Corn syrup 3 oz, Water 6fl oz, Egg 3 (this makes it different from a traditional buttercream), Egg yolk 10, Butter 1lb 10 oz, Vanilla extract 1fl oz

Coffee Simple Syrup: Make simple syrup, and then add Coffee extract and Kahlua

Bon Appetit!

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