Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Army of Minions

I got to make an Army of cupcake Minions for the three cutest kids! I took vanilla and chocolate cupcakes decorated them in Italian Buttercream colored blue. On top to act as the minions I used twinkies for the body, m&ms for eyes, licorice for hair and decorated the features in icing. They turned out to be a huge hit! And I'm so very proud to have been given the chance to make them. And of course like always I have included a great picture of the army! I hope you enjoy them (:

Left: Vanilla cupcakes, Right: Chocolate cupcakes // Italian Buttercream // twinkie bodies // m&m eyes, decorate features

Let me see, as for everything else, just working on gluing my life back together. I thought by now I would slowly be getting over the guy I had been with but it's harder than I thought. I know he is probably already past but he was the first real awesome guy I have been with in a long time! I would never trade the memories but I wish I could move past them. I've covered the photos and hidden the things I can't bare to see right now. If anyone has advice to overcome this please, please let me know!
Other than that most things are dandy, my mom is deploying in December that's the least favorite news. I'm great other than that, my job is coming to a close as work comes to a start again and now I'm trying to put together a resume for getting a job at a bakery or cake place. It's hard when you have no real professional experience but without a challenge whats the fun in finding the job your destined to find.


Saturday, June 18, 2011

Weekend time

It's the weekend now! I delivered a cake Friday morning, took my last final, then it was off to Holland to enjoy a break.

The cake turned out so beautiful the buttercream gave me hell so that's something I'm gonna have to work on. It's a pain but thanks to some Internet research I was able to finish it by 2 am maybe 3 so I went to bed and finished it completely in the morning. I'll attach the picture at the end.

Tonight is the Cornfest dance but earlier we went to the street fair stuff and sat with some really awesome people, one of which was a jolly giant he was really nice, they all were. It's always great when you can sit down with people you've never met and have a blast and wonderful conversations. The lady was a fire cracker like my mom, so I miss her.

She's been having some fun going rock climbing in jeeps and dirt races makes me envious wish I could be with her. So I can't wait to see again!

Not too much else, just going out the dance tonight and then headed to my dads tomorrow for some quality family time and Fathers Day, don't forget.

Office Party - Sharon Lang

2 layers chocolate // 1 layer vanilla // white chocolate buttercream // topped with chocolate covered strawberries // drizzled with chocolate // non-edible red ribbon around the bottom.

Live for the moments you have, remember the ones you had, and never miss out on the ones you'll regret!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

iPhone 4

Today I got an iPhone 4g it's been interesting learning how to adjust to a touch screen but I've downloaded tons or apps and I'll be able to update you all with school and better photos since now I can do this on the go. It's going to be an interesting ride readers I hope you'll bare with me till I figure this out. It'd be great itd be great I'd blog spot came out with a free APP that made this easier for me to do. (Come on Blogspot(: Anyways time for bed, nothing too exciting for the day, Made some cakes, white chocolate buttercream and cookie cakes. Plus went to school and did that thing! Enjoy your night <3

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


School is coming to a close for this semester and after 11 weeks full of long days standing on my feet between both school and work, I'm VERY ready to sit down and relax. There are many adventures taking place in the next four weeks that will consume my LAST summer as a college student, at least for my first degree (been thinking about going back for a second)

The one and only Holland Cornfest starts Friday night! I'm packing my bags Friday morning for a fun-filled weekend of laughter, friends & family! I'm leaving Friday night when class is let out, driving three hours in the dark, which is a fear so I'm being brave! Saturday morning making breakfast for my loved ones then off to the creek to begin a weekend well DESERVED! So you won't be hearing from me till I get back and I'm not sure how I'll post pictures since the phone is dead, maybe tomorrow I will buy one!! (Any suggestions for AT&T? - I'd love something I can even do my blog on!)

Anyways next week is only full of more, plenty of girls nights to be had with my friends! And I've got a cake delivery this week (Friday) and next week too (Saturday)! I need some dang business cards! But I need a logo first! All in due time but it would be great to have at least a few by Friday, if not no big deal.

Quote of the day:

The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost to reach out eagerly without fear for newer and richer experience
- Eleanor Roosevelt.

Sunday, June 12, 2011


I'm back in business and I've finally picked my domain & store front name!!! I will announce it once I have bought it though so it can't be taken. Things are really starting to turn around for me and look up again. I have surrounded myself with people who support my talent and skills, who let me enjoy life, who let me make my mistakes while still being there to help me up! Thank you everyone. Now I have a name & goal, I just need to figure out where I want to locate myself after school... any suggestions I would really love them. I would prefer something up north and a little less humid.

As for right now I'm baking from home! Today I delivered my first cake in a really long time, it was a Mardi Gra themed birthday cake for two of my friends celebrating together. (I'll also be doing their wedding cake in December!) This week I have another order & the following week one more!!! I really need to get some business cards made, even if it's just a basic one for now.

2 layer Confetti Cake// 1 layer Chocolate icing// 1 layer Vanilla icing
Purple, green & black fondant make the mask
Non-edible feathers & beads as decorations

The couple - Layne & Alex, celebrating a combined Mardi Gra themed birthday & both very big Saints fans. I hope you both & your guest enjoyed the cake as much I did making it.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


So obviously we all know that I'm not very good at keeping up with this anymore. Well let's update a little of the past month that I only found time to write once. But don't worry I have gathered all my recipes together and I will be able to leave one a day for the remainder of the month. Today starts my finals so it's been crazy busy getting ready for those!

Chocolate class has been interesting. I have been making some really neat things and loving the class. It's been teaching me patience and that it's okay to screw up because normally I give myself such hell over things that go wrong. Also I have not had a partner in the past couple weeks. She decided to not help me with production one day and well a friend of mine started yelling at her then I got some in because it really is a pain to work with chocolate alone. So she left for Kansas and never came back to chocolates, I'm not complaining I work better now than I ever had been with her. But things have been going great, we've been working on some amenity chocolate stands and today is our FINAL! We each create a replica amenity stand of the one Chef drew for us. Then we are producing two sets of truffles to be displayed on it, pictures tomorrow I hope. My camera did break a few weeks ago at a friends house.

Another update, new roomie from the Big Apple, all our friends have been calling her New York. She's really awesome though. We've been taking her out showing her the South, took her to the beach over Memorial Day. Went to a really neat Art Car Show in downtown it was really awesome too, so many hippies around -haha. And we are planning a few more in the near future before her and my roommate start working the games everyday! And some more Texas baseball, Red Soxs will be here the first weekend of July and I'm super pumped about it!

Well time to get ready, sorry there aren't any pictures for the day I've got to go on a new camera search before next quarter. Ohh one more thing, my cousin graduated high school and it wasn't till I was sitting in the stands that I realized I was a high school graduate in a few months I'd be a college graduate! It's amazing the times we realize we really are growing up.

Off to take my final, wish me luck! <3