Sunday, June 12, 2011


I'm back in business and I've finally picked my domain & store front name!!! I will announce it once I have bought it though so it can't be taken. Things are really starting to turn around for me and look up again. I have surrounded myself with people who support my talent and skills, who let me enjoy life, who let me make my mistakes while still being there to help me up! Thank you everyone. Now I have a name & goal, I just need to figure out where I want to locate myself after school... any suggestions I would really love them. I would prefer something up north and a little less humid.

As for right now I'm baking from home! Today I delivered my first cake in a really long time, it was a Mardi Gra themed birthday cake for two of my friends celebrating together. (I'll also be doing their wedding cake in December!) This week I have another order & the following week one more!!! I really need to get some business cards made, even if it's just a basic one for now.

2 layer Confetti Cake// 1 layer Chocolate icing// 1 layer Vanilla icing
Purple, green & black fondant make the mask
Non-edible feathers & beads as decorations

The couple - Layne & Alex, celebrating a combined Mardi Gra themed birthday & both very big Saints fans. I hope you both & your guest enjoyed the cake as much I did making it.

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