Tuesday, June 7, 2011


So obviously we all know that I'm not very good at keeping up with this anymore. Well let's update a little of the past month that I only found time to write once. But don't worry I have gathered all my recipes together and I will be able to leave one a day for the remainder of the month. Today starts my finals so it's been crazy busy getting ready for those!

Chocolate class has been interesting. I have been making some really neat things and loving the class. It's been teaching me patience and that it's okay to screw up because normally I give myself such hell over things that go wrong. Also I have not had a partner in the past couple weeks. She decided to not help me with production one day and well a friend of mine started yelling at her then I got some in because it really is a pain to work with chocolate alone. So she left for Kansas and never came back to chocolates, I'm not complaining I work better now than I ever had been with her. But things have been going great, we've been working on some amenity chocolate stands and today is our FINAL! We each create a replica amenity stand of the one Chef drew for us. Then we are producing two sets of truffles to be displayed on it, pictures tomorrow I hope. My camera did break a few weeks ago at a friends house.

Another update, new roomie from the Big Apple, all our friends have been calling her New York. She's really awesome though. We've been taking her out showing her the South, took her to the beach over Memorial Day. Went to a really neat Art Car Show in downtown it was really awesome too, so many hippies around -haha. And we are planning a few more in the near future before her and my roommate start working the games everyday! And some more Texas baseball, Red Soxs will be here the first weekend of July and I'm super pumped about it!

Well time to get ready, sorry there aren't any pictures for the day I've got to go on a new camera search before next quarter. Ohh one more thing, my cousin graduated high school and it wasn't till I was sitting in the stands that I realized I was a high school graduate in a few months I'd be a college graduate! It's amazing the times we realize we really are growing up.

Off to take my final, wish me luck! <3

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