Monday, January 31, 2011

Better Day

So I seem to be pushing my wake up time back more and more I'm thinking bed earlier would be smarter for me. Fingers crossed aiming for 11PM every night this week [maybe not Tuesday].

Class was MUCH better today! Chef is AMAZINGGG! Since I've been having issues with the EBooks and it's just adding to the rest of the stress I'm carrying around he lent me HIS book until the end of the Quarter! Hallelujah I can actually sit by the pool on Wed [if it's still as gorgeous as the past few days] and study! Today in class we finished the L'Opera Cake, and platted it. Mine actually came out better than I thought! Chef said he really liked it so that was a bonus too! We platted it with Coffee Anglaise and a crispy. We also learned about Chocolate today and tempering, then we made Filagree Chocolate Decors! I will be posting pictures of both, it's kind of neat to look at the progress of the designs I was great at the bottom row and and ND row but need more practice for the other two. The only bad part was I made mine to thin so when I went to use it, they just fell apart so the actual chocolate on my plated piece belongs to the girl who cooks next to me. We also made a Classic Genoise, not used until tomorrow. And we lastly, we learned how to fold Cornets and did 25 each, the first was difficult but I got it and took off.

Week 4 is almost over, Week 5 is Midterm! I'm NERVOUS! I'm really trying to stay with my all A's and high GPA. I found out that in the 5th Quarter if you have a 3.7 and higher and have maintained it the whole 5 quarters you get a red neckerchief to wear! Sounds corny I know but I've never had anything to really distinguish me as someone with honor like that. Other than that just a nap and a LONG day at work. For some reason Mondays seem to be REALLY busy days for us and now my back is killing me I can't wait to go to bed and relax it. Ohh the only other thing, I cut my own bangs this morning before school. I've been debating on how brave I really want to be and cut my own hair. But I think I may just wait until the night before my birthday and have a professional do that one! [28 days!]

I'm going to save the American Regional recipes for Wednesday when I don't have much else to write to you about. But here are the two recipes from today & pictures of the plated L'Opera Cake & Filagree & the cornet I made. Not much was done today or I could share more, but Enjoy!

Creme' Anglaise [This recipe makes 40 fl oz, you only need about 8 fl oz, so PLEASE cut the recipe ]
Half/Half 1 qt
Vanilla Bean 1
Egg Yolks 12 yolks
Granulated Sugar 10 oz
To get the coffee flavor, add Coffee extract, and if you are worried about it having a really strong coffee flavor at the end DON'T! It is DEEElicious! I tried to eat the whole thing before they took up plates but I couldn't finish it before they got to me! So sad.

Classic Genoise - This picture will be posted later, all we did was make the cake today.
Eggs 10
Granulated sugar 8 oz
Butter, melted 1.5 oz
Vanilla extract 2 tsp
Cake flour 9 oz
makes enough for 2 - 9 in rounds

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