Monday, January 10, 2011


2011, senior year
Time to try this blogging again, but as a resolution for the new year I'd really like to keep it up.

Today started nice and early at 5:15 AM, I dragged myself out of bed a lot easier than I had imagined put on that wonderful uniform again, ate a waffle & left for my first class, BAKING & PASTRY! As tried as I was I was completely ecstatic to be sitting at that wood block table talking about things I knew more of. Then Chef assigns teams and I go from confident to nervous at the sound of my name being called. Assignments today: Sweet Tart Dough with a Frangipane (almond filling) and a Orange Zest Chiffon Cake with Swiss Butter-cream [YUM] Immediately I volunteer to do the Chiffon cake, I had done one for my roommates birthday so I felt more comfortable taking the lead on that and a lab partner joined me. [Don't worry readers the recipes will be at the bottom of the end]
Greatest thing about class was that Chef doesn't just give us recipes and say here this is the assignment, "GO." He actually talks about the science aspect of it all and why we have to mix the ingredients in a certain order, actually learned some things. Then he likes to ask us converting math questions, I have got to get better at doing those on the spot! I have a GREAT feeling about this class and that I will be learning a lot more than I currently know. And to top off the early morning I got the most AMAZINGGG request/question/order whichever, but I got officially asked to do the WEDDING CAKE of a new friend I have made in Houston!!! I haven't even graduated or done a wedding cake and my portfolio isn't that complex but WHAT A HONOR! Of course I said yes and right then ABAZILLION ideas start going off in my head and tomorrow I'll be working on the drawings.

So not much else has happened today after class. I did, however, come home and do some YogaX, and discovered that I am NO where near as limber as I once was and it was only 4 months ago that I did yoga - odd. And apparently my knee didn't enjoy it; it's super tweeked right now. After that I just did some homework, trying to stay ahead of my classes rather than fall behind again. Which brings me to my wrap up - this is my first year that I actually set a New Year Resolution and so far I have Four! 1. Blog more - relieves stress 2. Exercise - yogaX, stretchX & running. 3. Stay ahead/Get ahead of my classes. And, as of right now, lastly 4. Graduate with honors and/or the top of my class! [Go big or go home right] I have 4 I think my readers should at least have one!

And I didn't forget here are the recipes - any questions you know how to get me!

Sweet Tart Dough:
Unsalted Butter 1 lb 8oz
Granulated Sugar 1 lb 5oz
Egg Yolks 26 yolks
Whole Egg 2 eggs
All Purpose Flour 3 lb 8 oz
[[it's recommend that you dived this recipe in half we did in class, it's enough for one pie]]
The sweet tart dough is filled with the Frangipane (almond filling) recipe

Almond Paste 1 lb
Granulated Sugar 2 oz
Unsalted Butter 7 oz
Eggs 4 eggs
Vanilla Extract 0.5 fl oz
Cake Flour 1.5 oz

The next 2 recipes go together, the Chiffon cake is covered in the Swiss butter-cream, it's called an American Butter-cream cake [I think that's what he called it, I'll let you know tomorrow readers]

[Orange Zest] Chiffon Cake
[[these are the dry ingredients]]
Cake Flour 8 oz
Granulated Sugar 12 oz [[reserve 6oz aside to make the meringue]
Baking Powder 0.4 ox (1 TBSP)
Salt 0.2 oz (1 Tsp)
[[these are the wet - they have to be mixed separately then mixed in three parts]]
Vegetable Oil 4 fl oz
Egg Yolks 6 yolks
Water 2 fl oz
Orange Juice (or sub more water) 4 fl oz
Orange Zest 0.2 oz (1 TBSP or 2 oranges)
Vanilla Extract 0.5 fl oz
[[the meringue will be mixed in last in three parts]]
Granulated Sugar 6 oz [[this should be the reserved from the 12 oz earlier]]
Egg Whites 8 egg whites

Lastly Swiss Butter-cream:
Unsalted Butter (room temp) 42 oz
Egg Whites 16 eggs
Granulated Sugar 2 lbs
Vanilla Extract 2 Tsp

Bon Appetit

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