Sunday, January 16, 2011


Faith. Family. Friends. Without faith you have no direction. Without family you have no support. & without friends you have nothing.
So today was the great ending to a terrible four days. I am getting back in to church, and since I decide when I work on Sundays I'm going to make it a goal to start going again, or a bible study. Something that will help guide my faith and teach me more about Him. We learned about El Elyon: the God who is sovereign, we need to follow him and put him above ourselves! We don't like someone to control our life but He will guide us to the right places. At the night service we learned about temptation and how we are tempted and how it leads us to sin. I really enjoyed both the services, I cried in both with my emotional roller-coaster going on right now it wasn't hard to start the water works going. After I made the scariest phone calls but I got the greatest reply and a WEIGHT of struggle & emotion was lifted from me! I can once again breathe and I have no one to THANK but God. I have done all I can do and now it's up to Him where I go in the next few steps. And I have my family and friends besides me so I am no longer afraid.
Not much happened other than Church & having what I hope to be a promising conversation, but like I said I have let go of the wheel, & I'm okay with that.
Work in the morning then those fun journals I may have mentioned in previous post. I'm gonna knock out 1-3 tonight before bed so that I only have one really long one to write plus the reading and this weeks recipes & more reading. FUUUN! Also calling to have my phone fixed! And going back home Wednesday, I need some family around me.
"Before a tree blooms, it has to first die. Before a child is born, there is great pain. Before every beautiful thing there is something we must fight through first."

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