Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Holy Moly

Ahh dang TWO days! I'm very sorry! Sunday was crazy from Church to work to Church, I came home and finished my journal for Baking & Pastry then passed out! Let's see I heard the best quote at Access [that's night church] and it will be tonight's ending quote since I didn't get it on here on Sunday! It's a really good one and when I heard it I was halted by it's power and truth! I'm really starting to look at life in a more open and different way. So Sunday was good, Friend went to church with me, I went to work and jammed to my ipod making paninis then back to church [with a starbucks stop on the way - yummy cinnamon Dulce].

So now Monday, WOW 515AM came FAST! In fact I snoozed till about 545, that's the great thing about not having to worry about hair, makeup and which outfit to wear. Clothes is the same uniform, no sense in fixing hair you wear a hat and make-up...really not worth it when you're cooking. And trust me not trying to impress anyone with anything but my pastry skills.

Day One, not too many recipes to give you on this day we just assembled the Charlotte and finished the Carrot Cake. The recipe I do have for you is another mousse, Apricot Mousse with steamed apricots & caramel sauce, platted with a crispy & chocolate decor. Now you saw last weeks and how great that one was, please don't compare it to this weeks, I'm so mad about this weeks. I have been in such a weird funky feeling the past two days that my platted dessert doesn't not stand close to last weeks. The flavor was great on the mousse, my American Regional Chef really liked it, but I didn't take credit I gave it to my partner who made it. Today I made the Tart Glaze for the Charlotte & helped the rest of the team do anything they needed. We were supposed to get a German Chocolate Cake done, but that didn't happen! I was aggravated with myself about this, just one of those days where the puzzle piece wasn't wanting to fit.
As for Day Two, still funky! Luckily tomorrow is Wednesday and there is no school or work, just lots of relaxing and errand running I can handle that and get rid of my massive headache! Day Two didn't have a lot either, German Chocolate Cake from Day One, this I made & it was good! Trust me I licked the spatula after -HAHA! Partner made the icing for it and I don't like German Chocolate Cake but I tried it and not half bad, I just can't get past the coconut flakes! Another Partner-2 she assembled the German Chocolate Cake & you'll see in the picture how awesome it looks! Lot better than the first one I ever made alone, we almost crumb coated & final coated it with chocolate ganache, it really tied it all together. Next we made an Almond Sponge Cake, traditional French Buttercream, more ganache & a Coffee Simple Syrup to make a French pastry called an Opera, we also assembled this cake before leaving today. I will have to post the recipes tomorrow for everything because since our book is an EBook now it expires after the "Trial period," so now I have to go FIND the book so I can give you the recipes I don't have. So tomorrow's blog will be just be recipes instead of my boring day -Haha! And lastly we filled and coated more Eclairs and got to trade them for some food from the Latin class! I got tasty Red Beans & Rice -YUM!
So to keep you in suspense one more day, since I don't have the recipes TOMORROW I will post BOTH pictures of everything & the recipes. Hopefully y'all aren't too upset (: I think you should make the Apricot Mousse though, it's really good! I'm not a huge apricot fan but it was tasty! Let's see as for work, yesterday HECTIC! I left two hours late stayed and helped close, we got super busy my last thirty min & with no dishwasher the closers would have been there all night so I stayed and did what I could to help. Today wasn't too bad just a sassy manager that I don't think realizes how she really talks to us. What's with rude people, eh? I mean doesn't it really get them any further? We all encounter them, and may even have a moment as one but think about it next time. Well I'm off to bed EARLY it's so nice!

Enjoy the quote! Goodnight!

"If today was your last season
Is what you ARE doing,
What you WOULD be doing?"

[told ya powerful!]

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