Thursday, January 20, 2011

Faith's Hands

So I feel like a bad blogger today, I forgot all my recipe cards in my car and my camera, again. So tomorrow will be full of tons of juicy recipes from the Mid-Atlantic region. Plus a lot of pictures of my pastry class Tuesday, and today and tomorrows. I may have to include some that my Chef took when I went on break, they are pretty random thinking he got camera happy. Class was great though, we were the first team to plate everything and it was all good! We got a Great critique so go us! And BONUS! While I was at my dad's going through my piled up mail collection I received a letter from school concerning the end of last quarter. I GOT A 3.9, AAAANNNND I'M ON THE DEAN'S HONOR ROLL!!! Come on graduating with honors! That's my next goal.

Speaking of goals, I so have not been working out and I should with as much stress as I've been under. I need to find a racquetball court so I can both work out and take out the frustration. I heard the church I'm starting to attend has THREE so if that's true that gives me an even better place because I can stay for services or go after. Not much other than school and work again, didn't feel as long as it was I had my ipod on the whole time and didn't have to cut the meat it was already done for me, Awesome! Other than that just horrible phone call and a huge upset stomach. Hence faith's hands title. The quote that ends this plays in well to how I'm feeling and my head is going to continue to remain high and maybe things will go like I wish they would and if they don't I will learn to accept that. Thanks for all the prayers you've been sending I appreciate it a million times plus! Well I'm off to bed early, been a really long day and it starts early tomorrow and ends late again. GOODNIGHT Readers!

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