Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ladies & Gents

I've got a new job! You're looking at the new Craft Designer and Guest Service Rep for Nothing Bundt Cakes! I'll be learning a lot about the business side or running an operation and I'll be able to build my resume and the income will help build my portfolio by making cakes outside of work. How funny, I'm basically my own competition now - haha.

School has been crazy, beautiful! <3 I'm doing well in my classes! Staying ahead and trying to make sure I understand everything I do and come by. Three cake orders have already showed up at my door! One this week, two deliveries back home next week! And a Thursday night with some very wonderful people! I can't wait to be back home only if it's for a couple hours its being around people you love/like that matters.

Speaking of, love life still stinks. Slowly moving past what once was, trying not to think too much on what could have been but rather on what still is to come! Other than that, school and a new job, not too much going on in my life. Our New Yorker has gone back to NY and it's sad, missing her very much but only a few months and we will be flying up there for New Years! It's going to be outstanding!!!

"i used to think the moon followed me around and that made me special...
'if your not special then why is the moon still following you?'"

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