Monday, January 2, 2012


Well it's a New Year - things are going to change. I made one of my 2011 goals just so you know, I graduated with honors! A 3.7 GPA, National Technical Honor Society & an honorable mention for my Capstone. I know I have been pretty absent since July but that's all changing! I started last year in with the most pain-strucken heart, the loss of friends without the ability to change anything. I've taken all those once negatives and made them positive. I've cleaned up everything, my house, my facebook and most of all my life! I'm in control. Next step is to earn more money to help move, bake more & post some amazing recipes both simple & complex, and of course look for that 'Big Kid Job!' I've already applied at nearly 20 places - fingers crossed there is an offer more than an internship!

Below are the 'Cakes of 2011' since I was too busy to post them then & if you aren't on my FB here they are!

(1) Birthday Cake - Dec 2011

(2) Graduation Cake - Dec 2011

Discoveries; better tasting fondant. different cake coverings. & the art of the eye.

Enjoy readers - see you next time.

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