Monday, January 30, 2012

New York City & my INTERVIEW

Yesterday I got to the east coast! After two very long flights of uncomfortable sleeping I finally landed. And traveling with a sinus headache at 35,000 feet in the air isn't the ideal way to travel either.

So NYC was great! I walked around Times Square mostly. Found the LOVE sign and it was so pretty then went to the museum that its from - The Museum of Modern Art. Guess what I don't like modern art that much it turns out. But it was still fun. I saw 4.5 floors out of 6 got too hungry to finish so I went and got pizza. I tried finding a Roy's pizza place for Keith because that's where the Ninja Turtles ate and we had just watched the movie. But I only found Ray's, close enough.

Went into a few places and looked around, still haven't found my NY Giants shirt but I'm not giving up. I figure I'll wait till tomorrow before I leave to look for stuff. Like a new purse at those side walk vendors lol.

Needless to say today my thighs are killing me!!! I walked around from 12ish till about 6PM carrying a bag loaded with crap. Thankfully God allowed me to make it through the soreness to start and finish my interview with all the power I had. Oddly I didn't make cookies or buttercream which sucked because I had practiced. I started the day making cut out flowers, 40 brown with blue centers and 20 blue with brown centers. Next I made the boxes those cupcakes will go into. The started cutting out dots for cupcakes.

Lunch was next, I got to sit with a the girls and they are fun! And funny! Definitely people I could see myself working alongside! They enjoyed each other laughed and got work done. No one was not doing anything less than another! After lunch I helped one girl work on her cookies. She was covering them with fondant then showed me how they added detail. I actually got it and learned new tricks too!

The store felt like home and Denville is the cutest little town! I could see myself here and becoming involved! I was nervous but I feel at ease. Now I just have to wait for that call (or email) and hope and pray it's good news! And that they want me in their home as much as I want to be there.

"you can do all things through him"

Strength got me through school. Courage got me here.

Ohh the best part is during lunch the girls made animal sounds and we decided what cheese everyone was. Ohhh it was greatness!

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