Sunday, January 15, 2012

Only enough Quarters

Laundry mat day or more like super reductive cleaning day! Started first as lazy watching old black & white movies. 'Kiss Me Stupid' followed by 'Gentlemen Marry Brunettes' which I missed the end of because I flipped to the Texans game to see their final losing score (success)!

Cleaned up the apartment; shiny & clean it is now. Relaxed a bit to the start of the Giants game and half time left to do laundry.

Tell you what - paying mooooore detailed attention is important when switching places of laundry doing! Silly me put my detergent in the slot for fabric softener (grrr) so after combining 4 loads to 2 I rewashed them to ensure removal of all soapiness. Geez I hope I have enough to dry.

Kinda like life we make mistakes & have to combine our wits sometimes and just hope we get something positive. Here's to hoping I have enough quarters.


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