Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Going great

Let me start by saying life is full of absolute surprises both good and bad. One day you could be living your life then BAM bad news. Then a week later you open your email to find your dreams coming true. I have a trial interview in New Jersey at The Pink Cake Box; the place I've dreamed about working for! Now I have to make $500 dollars so I can book my flight up there. Fingers crossed so far I've got $170, just a little more to go. And if I get the internship I'll be there for 9 weeks (unpaid) but it's a dream come true.

Now for the latest in More Than Words arts. I've been working on some pieces that will top a birthday cake. Bottle of Skyy Vodka, Sugarfree Redbull & some boxers. I know it sounds completely random but there is a great story behind it all. I think my second favorite things about my job is the story behind the cake whether it's a love story or humorous one its always great.

Each piece is made from gum paste because the pieces get harder than fondant. It's not difficult to work with and not too expensive. For 2 lbs I paid $20, as long as your selling for a good price and using it wisely you won't lose money.

To end today's message I'd like to recognize that this month is Cervical Health Awareness month. More than 4,000 women are diagnosed a year, make sure you find out & take the necessary actions.

Thanks all - Goodnight <3

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