Monday, February 6, 2012

Airplanes; last day till March

So life has begun to change, my next chapter is starting and I can't wait for you to start reading! So as you know I received the internship in New Jersey at The Pink Cake Box! I wish I could have woke up this morning and gone to join the girls. I enjoyed my short number of hours and only wanted more. Unfortunately I still have my apartment, cat & job back in Houston and I know two of the three miss me.

Soon shall the packing/moving/storing begin. What I'm terrible at is waiting! I know the second I get home I'm gonna want to start packing and don't need to just yet.

This morning I took the trains back to New York. I was so worried I was on the wrong one each time or not in the right car to get off (some don't hit certain platforms). The first hour long train I slept, then got off and ventured New York, bought my friends a gift, my mom something and my self a shirt. It's always hard looking for my boys so that'll have to wait for a weekend I'm living here. (ahhh fun to say) I tried going to Chelsea Market where the Food Network shows are recorded but as I started walking it got shady for being alone. So I decided to just head to the airport, I was hungry anyways.

Very nice people on the train. The lady I sat with had the most beautiful dog and the guy next to me was a sketch artist and had some very nice work. I love that atmosphere. At the airport I stopped in a sports bar to watch the soccer game (dang Keith) Manchester was playing and I had a lovely conversation with an American-Italian. He was a fire-fighter trainer and we talked about Italy and their desserts. Needless to say I need to go, he told me so too. Then I talked to the sweetest old man (love for old people). Boarded my plane and can't wait to get back Soxxs and my bed (I'll try to not start packing). Ohh and this plane... well it's the size of a small tampon (HA!) and we loaded in from the ground.

I'll have a new recipe out for you this week my loves! Enjoy the quote for the day - it's kind of the mood I'm in.

"I'm no beauty queen, I'm just beautiful me"

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