Monday, February 6, 2012

Brownies/cake/& football!

So since my East state side adventure there has been much going on. It's been up and down, I keep looking forward to packing which is keeping my spirits up.

How did everyone enjoy the SuperBowl? Ohh boy was it a good game, I love when the scores are close but its scary being the team that just took the lead and almost losing it. Yes, I the Cowboys fan went for the Giants but I like the Mannings' so all well it happens. And with the SuperBowl come delicious desserts and that's hat you get to look forward to.

I made a two layer vanilla cake (Duncan Hines - substitute milk) with a raspberry buttercream. Covered it in chocolate buttercream, then sprinkled chopped chocolate pieces around the top. As well I had a patriots logo with shaves chocolate. Second dessert was Shiner Black Lager brownies, again using the Duncan Hines. There are two options go with the chewy and gooey center. Instead of 1/4 cup of water (or milk) substitute it with 1/2 cup Shiner Black YUM! I baked those off covered them with powdered sugar leaving a NY giants logo on the top.

The SuperBowl was a lot of fun. I spent it with Keith's family in New Braunfels. His mom made a wonderful dinner then the whole family ate the desserts like they had a second stomach. Made me feel like my career choice was spot on (:

So recipes are Duncan Hines ALWAYS substitute the water with milk. It makes the cake more moist and delicious. When making brownies try the Shiner mix by adding 1/2 cup of the black lager.

Enjoy the photos & treats.
17 days till my last day at work!

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