Saturday, February 11, 2012

New news!

So readers as you know God has helped me create a beautiful path that is turning a corner to New Jersey. And in 16 days I will be done with my job at Nothing Bundt Cakes, packed up, celebrating with my friends in Houston then in College Station and finally spending my last day in Texas with my dad. I will be driving up there so I'm leaving a week early to make some stops to see family and very dear old friends.

Because my life is starting a new chapter we all know there comes plenty of packing. Today I packed up majority of my wonderful kitchen, and that took SIX boxes and no I'm not finished yet. Other things were packed as well and now my one bedroom apartment feels so large. Won't be too much longer before I'm living out of one box, a suitcase and my fire engine red mixer.

When life gives you lemons; make the freshest lemonade you can.

Well I was just handed more lemon worthy news. After the boxes were loaded and my dad drove away I got a call from Incredible Edible Desserts, another bakery I applied to - this one in Virginia Beach, Va. They offered me a job but she said it would only be 20 hours a week. When I told her about the internship she said to take it, finish it and one weekend to come there and visit, show her some of my talents and I would most likely have something waiting for me. And with more hours and did I mention getting paid!!!

I can't wait to tell you all about my journey!

'we are the music makers and we are the dreamers of dreams'
So on that note I'm going to fall asleep to the old Charlie & The Chocolate Factory <3

Goodnight Readers.

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