Monday, March 14, 2011

Favorite Things

My favorite thing about life: having the wonderful people I know in it. Thanks for all the pick-me-ups you have all blessed me with. Today proved that through Darkness there comes Light. It was raining horribly almost all day! But three o'clock came around and the sun started peering through, by four PM it was Gorgeous! The sun was out, the breeze was cool and the birds sang. I got to see one of my VERY good friends who I haven't in a long time. We went and buffed up our nails and ate some Johnny C's! [my birthday present from her, wonderful!] It's amazing to think about what God can do with darkness, and I hope that in the time to come my dark cloud because a ray of sunlight again!
My other favorite thing is paying bills and doing it with peace! When you can open that check book and pay the bills and still see dollar signs! I am blessed. Every little thing helps right now and I'm hoping to get my small dessert business up and running by the summer, so like June! If you need em let me know! I'm also still trying to come up with a Name. I've thought about Cakery but still unsure about it; AHhh! Any help would be WONDERFUL!
Another favorite thing - MOVING! I graduate in December of this year and I've decided I will be looking into different apprenticeships... in EUROPE!!! I want to study some more in chocolates and/or sugar art. I will be in a chocolate/centerpiece class and a sugar art club next quarter [about a month from now] so I will be able which I would like to do, if not both. Not sure how long I will be there, my plan is fly out in Jan or Feb of 2012 then work/live/eat there till I want to come back. Then I'm either going to the Northeast or Colorado, apparently my nonpolar bear self wants to live in a colder climate haha!
As for everything else, TOMORROW is my FINAL in Pastries! I am absolutely, positively NERVOUS! I got to see how it would be today and I will succeed tomorrow! I have no fear just butterflies! [keep your fingers crossed] So school is great, work is work it may be changing or becoming two jobs but that is still undetermined. And as for the life in general I'm finding new happiness but I'm still lost in the past trying to figure the things I could have changed. A very good friend of mine doesn't speak to me anymore, I've asked if I have done something and still no reply. It hurts so bad, I want to apologize even if it solves nothing I just want that person to know I'm very sorry for whatever it may be and hope that we can still go grab that drink. No more sadness talk! Virginia in almost TWO weeks! Before I leave I will try having all the recipes out for my lovely [&handsome] readers! I appreciate your loyal following!

Going to see KISS in concert with my DADDY-O & Lil' Bro tomorrow!!!

Have a great week Loves!

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