Monday, March 28, 2011

Good Morning

Morning Readers. Goodness isn't it a wonderful morning! It's my "Spring" Break and I got to wake up 8AM, made my self two fried-hard eggs, two slices of toast & a glass of orange juice. I'm not in any rush because I don't work till 11AM either, only day "killer" is I'll be working 11-5 at my first job then 5-8 at my second... did I mention I have to drive in 5 o'clock DOWNTOWN traffic to get to the second, yuck! That's an update you might not know, I now have Two jobs, still at McAlister's but now at Planet Beach Contempo Spa [& tanning]. The new one has been pretty nice, the owner is MIZZOU graduate so that's cool and he isn't as intimidating anymore because of this, since that was my first pick for schools.

So I passed my pastry final, got an 85%, I'm a little upset because I know I should have done better and so does my Chef but I still got an A- in the class. Thursday we had our final for American Regional and I passed but the scariest thing happened... my Chef Spit out my food! I nearly wanted to cry until he started laughing and saying he forgot to mention the crawfish was freezer burnt and the bad taste was just from that. The dish itself was good between the rice and the seasoning, I made Crawfish Etouffee. But at least now I know how it feels to have your food spit out and that's a reaction I NEVER want to happen again!

Since I have been a bad blogger I'm going to aim for every day this week until Friday when I won't be back until Monday. I'll be taking my first flight [alone] to Virginia to spend 5 days with one of my best friends since 7th grade. I may have the chance to cook with a Chef at the bar and I created 4 menu items plus a dessert for them with help from the guys in class. We are also going to go buy Charm City Cakes in Baltimore because that's where I'll be flying in. But until the trip I have work today till Wednesday! Included with a new military ID today, Spa Day & checking-in at the airport tomorrow, then my BumbleBee Choir on Wednesday followed by free tickets to the exhibition game between the astros and BOSTON RED SOXS! Yes I do pick the soxs over the 'stros, sorry Houston fans.

All in all it's going to be an awesome "spring" break! I already spent this weekend in ATX to see my bestie before he moves to Kentucky, and who knows when I will see him again. I never made it to 6th St. with them though because my 'nap' turned into sleeping until 130AM, so needless to say I just watched a movie and got to see all the drunks come home it was still fun.

Time to finish breakfast & start getting work ready. Make yourself a good breakfast and have a good day!

Recipe for Angel Food Cake, a wonderful springtime treat

Cocoa Powder 1 oz
Warm water 2 fl oz
Vanilla extract 2 tsp
Sugar 12 oz
Cake flour, sifted 3.5 oz
Salt 1/4 tsp
Egg whites 12
Cream of tartar 2 tsp

Add some strawberry sauce and strawberries, or another fresh fruit and enjoy!

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