Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Feeling Better

So Friday wasn't the greatest day there could have been, but it happened and now it's over time to dust it all off and start a new trail. The weekend was rough so I was glad to get to school this morning. Although it's midterm week! AH! I was up until 230AM working on my homework and trying to study but there was no use my brain was fried. We did some pretty cool things in class this morning but I'll have to give them to you tomorrow, they are in the car again! Sorry readers. Other things today work was long and boring!
But the end of the night was fun, a friend came over we watched Breakfast Club, LOVE IT! And he did a couple magic card tricks, they were really cool! BUUUT they startle me so much! But now it's time to go to bed because I have to get up early again and do the same thing tomorrow, up early, school, nap [maybe], work, SLEEP! Can't wait for Wednesday relaxing half the day then Church Choir for kids! Finally getting plugged into the church!

Ohh & Betty White is on TV, I hope she lives forever! LOVE HER!


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