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And now it's Tuesday! I have a few recipes for you from the Woodblock [pastry lab] but we will get to those soon.

Class was great I was in charge of making the plated dessert, Angel Food Cake with stewed berries, crispy, chocolate decor & chantilly cream. I also got to take the left overs home and it's still super good! My friend even agreed it was good! We had it with blueberry sauce in class and raspberry sauce at home. Sadly I only have one left so I'm debating on when to eat it, ha! Also made a Nobilis Torte and Puff Pastry Dough, wasn't a very full day but it was good.
After class short 45 minute nap then work. Wasn't too bad got done an hour early went home and watched a movie [& ate that angel food cake] We watched Red, if you haven't seen it I don't recommend it. If you have, did you like it? So Monday wasn't the most eventful just long hours standing on my feet. But here are Day One recipes.

Monday Recipes:
Angel Food Cake: Cocoa powder 1oz, water-warm 2 fl oz, vanilla extract 2 tsp, sugar 12 oz, cake flour-sifted 3.5 oz, salt 1/4 tsp, egg whites 12, cream of tartar 2 tsp.
It's recommended to cut the recipe in half.

Puff Pastry: salt 0.5 oz, water-chilled 10.5 fl oz, AP flour 20.5 oz, butter-soft 4.5 oz, butter-cold 1 lb, AP flour 1 oz
You do not have to proof this dough so you can make it at home. It is the dough used for the Apple Strudels too.

Nobilis Torte:
Hazelnut & Cherry Meringue Cake: Cake flour-sifted 4oz, hazelnuts-toasted/chopped 8oz, hazelnut flour 3 oz, powdered sugar 7 oz, dried cherries-chopped 5 oz, egg whites 16 oz, sugar 1/2lb
Hazelnut Cream: Traditional french buttercream 1lb [if you need the recipe again let me know], hazelnut paste-creamed 6oz, sheet gelatin-softened 11 grams, heavy cream-soft peaks 2 cups
Cover with an apricot glaze & toasted almonds.

[Plated dessert and the Nobilis Torte. The Nobilis wasn't finished until Day Two though.]

Now it's Tuesday.
We had a lot to do in class so we weren't able to plate any desserts, we were preparing desserts for the Chinese travelers coming tomorrow, they may be ambassadors, not sure what Chef said, just that they were important and we had to make sweets. We finished the Puff Pastry dough to make a Napoleon, scrapes made Palimer cookies [so good], finished the Nobilis Torte & boxed it. Financiar, Blueberry Muffins I got to make them YUM with streusel, which is what starbucks does so HA! I don't need to buy my favorite muffins anymore. And a Petite Apple Tart. I'm also posting a picture of a boxed portion of the Sacher Torte from last week.
So I made the muffins and holy crap they looked so good! It's making me hungry thinking about them. We couldn't take any because they were made for the visitors as was everything else except the Nobilis Torte. The Palimer cookies were really good, they are supposed to be cooked so that they caramelize which makes them look burnt, the darker the better. Chef's favorite is the burnt burnt ones.
Once again after class, nap time it was about an hour this time, then off to work and as an added bonus I got to be there an hour longer than scheduled. Now I'm home! And tomorrow is Wonderful -HumpDay- Wednesday! No work, no school & birthday preparations! I'm getting my haircut [finally!] then getting a couple new clothes, probably not much never find what I really want but I do know what I want, so wish me luck! And now Day Two recipes!

Tuesday's Recipes:
Cream Filled Napoleons: Puff pastry 1lb 14oz, grand marnier or rum 1.5 fl oz, pastry cream 2 lb, sugar -as needed, powdered sugar -as needed
If you need the pastry cream recipe again let me know.

Palimer cookies: Puff pastry and sugar

Financiar: Powdered sugar 12.5 oz, almond flour 4.5 oz, AP flour 4.75 oz, baking powder 2/3 tsp, vanilla extract 2 tsp, brown butter [burne noisette] 6.75 oz, egg whites 12

Petite Apple Tart: Puff pastry, apples-thin sliced, ground cinnamon

BlueBerry Muffins! AP flour 8 oz, sugar 5oz, baking powder 2 tsp, salt 1/4 tsp, eggs 2, milk 8 fl oz, butter-melted [substitute Oil] 2 fl oz, vanilla extract 1 tsp, blueberries 5 oz, lemon zest 1/2 Tbsp
Streusel: AP flour 1lb, cinnamon-ground 1 tsp, salt 1 tsp, brown sugar 5.5 oz, sugar 4 oz, butter-cold 12 oz.
The streusel is topped on the blueberry muffins before baking. It's just like though $4.00 Starbucks muffins, but home made and DELICIOUS! And cost less to make and you get MORE!

[Napoleon, Palimer Cookies, Financiar]

[Petite Apple Tart, Blueberry Muffins with Streusel & Boxed Sacher Torte]

Ohh and the title Flights comes from the excitement I have to be taking my first plane ride by myself! I'm going to Virginia to see a very old friend of mine. We haven't seen each other for more than a day in more than nine years. It's going to be a blast! I fly into Baltimore then hopefully Day Two I'll be making my way to Charm City Cakes! Cross you fingers! That's all for now.

Buona Notte

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