Thursday, February 10, 2011


Let's get updated once more! I have the recipes from Monday/Tuesday and it was MIDTERM week! We took a written midterm on Monday morning & there was a math portion! EEK! Luckily I had some previous help doing the conversions from the Guy, so I would like to Thank him! I did miss 5 on the question portion of the test, I think I passed all the math part but not sure yet, I'll know tomorrow or Monday! *Cross your fingers* The AWESOME thing that has happened this week has to do with the once again EBOOKS! [ahhhh] Well I walked in to the bookstore to get a Red Bull and there on the counter sat the On Baking book I want to own not in Ebook form. It was being sold back by a dad whose son had dropped out! His loss, my gain! I just feel bad for the dad because he was really nice and our books cost quite a pretty penny. So I asked if he may have the American Regional book too - and WHAM! He sold it to me for $20! And the lady in the bookstore was able to take the $20 off my account! Holy Crap! Thank God I wanted a Red Bull! -it was delicious by the way.
And Wednesday night was great too! It was the first night of volunteering at the Church! I'm with the PreK choir/music kids right now and they are cute. It's the BumbleBee group so all these little ones were dressed up, so adorable! Not much other than a little excitement here and there. I did fight with a friend and I apologized because I was in the wrong & I jumped the gun before I should have. Hopefully it's all worked out and we are back to before then.
Tomorrow I will post the pictures of the desserts from Monday & Tuesday because the camera is still in the car. And I'll post them with the dishes I make tomorrow for my American Regional Midterm. Today was awesome by the way because since we didn't have to cook we went to a different lab and made breakfast! It was so awesome I LOVE SCHOOL! And I perfected my biscuits! They were MUCH better this time! And now your recipes from Day One & Two!

Day One:
-cut the Mousseline Torte from Week 4 platted and boxed.
-cut the Cheesecake

Classic Chocolate Truffles (this is really easy & really good!)
Dark chocolate 1lb
Butter 1/2lb
Heavy Cream 1 cup
Brandy/bourbon/liqueur 2fl oz
Pipe the truffles and refrigerate until Day Two.

Croissant Dough- this is a laminated dough and pretty tough but the result is all the worth!
Sugar 4 oz
Salt 1 oz
Dry milk powder 1 oz
Egg 1
Water, ice cold 18 fl oz
Vanilla extract 1 tsp
Instant yeast 1 oz
Bread flour 2 lb
Butter, soft 2 lb

Day Two:
-Rolled out and cut the croissant dough and rolled in
-Ham & Cheese

-Finished Truffles
-Rolled into balls
-Tempered chocolate, then coated truffles in two coasts

-Made a Chiffon Cake (Orange Zest Chiffon from a previous week)
-with White Chocolate Buttercream
Granulated sugar 1lb 14 oz
Water 8fl oz
Egg whites 9
Butter, soft 2 lb 6 oz
White creme de cacao 3 fl oz
White chocolate, melted 8 oz

There wasn't much these two days due to the Midterm! But still a great week for playing with chocolate! But again cross those fingers, I need to get this "B" back to my "A." Also got my classes for next quarter! Chocolate confection & centerpieces AND Artisan Breads.

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