Sunday, February 27, 2011

Almost there!

So every time that I go more than a day without blogging I truly feel horrible! I'm sorry readers and I know I'm behind on the American Regional recipes but I will sit down and write them all out for you! Heck school will be ending soon then what will I have to share besides the recipes I create at home. It has just been so busy around here, from school to work and straight to sleep. I picked up a shift Saturday then had a movie night and started my homework, it's almost done. I got a little side tracked tonight I watched "You Again" such a great movie! I recommend this one, pretty darn good chick flick, I think you guys could handle it too.
Well the birthday is quickly approaching, Tuesday the 1st! Holy moly I can't believe I'm finally turning 21! Almost there. I don't know if I'm more nervous or excited. I think I'm excited for it but I'm nervous it's just going to wind up another disaster, hopefully not. And I'm not trying to think it will, trying to think positive and just stay happy and enjoy myself. Also Tuesday is payday and that will be real nice to have on the birthday day uuuuntil I pay bills, all well. Just remember "Work to live, don't live to work." And just me I don't want to!
Well now that it's a little later and Criminal Minds has me even MORE sidetracked from my journal homework I'm going to say Goodnight to all. Enjoy your night.

I don't have a good quote for the day nothing I found really fit. If you can find one let me know it.

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