Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I've discovered that ending Church nights with frozen yogurt is the way to go! I was in the music room tonight singing with the kids which really makes me happy. Love my little BumbleBees. Today was just church, chores and homework, pretty lazy day but I really enjoyed sleeping in until 12:30, that felt so good!
I know I didn't write Monday or Tuesday but in class we only did preparing on Monday and finishing on Tuesday so I was going to post Tuesday but I didn't get to it. Kind of had a rough night after work. I went to pick up my pan and bowl from his house and I thought I could handle it but turns out I wasn't yet ready. Found out the tears were only hiding but in time it will get easier and I'm okay with that. So back to talking about school and not the "love" life.

Monday was a prep day for Tuesday when the pastries would be completed. I figured it'd be easier to combine both the days recipes for everyone. I brought my A game both days and knocked my danish dough out of the park! We made the dough on day one then made the danish pastries on day two, cream cheese and raspberry filled, Chef got pulled away from the oven so my snail spun danishs sadly burnt he felt really bad because they were really good looking. We had to roll then out and twist them then spin them into snails, eyeglasses and "S" mine were coming out really good too! We also did a Sacher Torte, which was more experience working with chocolate. And our plated dessert this week was a delicious Apple Strudel with caramel sauce, ice cream and a crispy. There was supposed to be a sugar decor with it but Chef wasn't able to make it because too many people kept calling him away. The plate still came out good, I did two just for fun!

Danish Dough

Ingredients: Instant yeast 1 oz, Water 14 fl oz, All purpose flour 2lb, sugar 4 oz, dry milk powder 1.25 oz, vanilla extract 0.5 fl oz, eggs 2, butter-soft 3 oz, salt 0.6 oz, butter-cold 1lb 6 oz

Cream Cheese Filling

Ingredients: Cream cheese 12 oz, sugar 2 oz, eggs 2, vanilla extract 0.25 fl oz, lemon zest-grated fine ½ tsp, pastry flour 1.5 oz

French Ice Cream base

Ingredients: Whole milk 10 fl oz, heavy cream 7 fl oz, egg yolks 3, sugar 3.5 oz, corn syrup 0.5 oz, ice cream stabilizer 1 tsp

Apple Strudel (filling only)

Ingredients: Apples 1lb 8 oz, lemon juice 0.5 fl oz, sugar 8 oz, cinnamon-ground 1 tsp, butter-melted 4 fl oz

Sacher Torte

Ingredients: All purpose flour 10 oz, cocoa powder 3 oz, butter-soft 12.5 oz, sugar 18oz, egg yolks 14, hazelnuts-toasted/ground 3 oz, egg whites 14. Filled with apricot jam, topped with apricot glaze then Ganache

[Left to right: Snail Croissant, "S" Croissant, Eyeglass Croissant]
[Plated Dessert]

Not a whole lot going on right now, just going to school early in the morning, taking a nap for about an hour, then off to work till about 8. Then sleep and repeat. Mom is coming this weekend and my little brother too so I can't wait for that! I could really use some hugs from my mommy! They give the best hugs and I really need that right now. Friend are wonderful but they can't always give you what your family can. Making Eclairs for the dinner party on Saturday at a friends apartment, also a neighbor of ours, should be a good time! Well tomorrow is the Texas Region in American Regional. Ohh and just TWELVE more days until my birthday! That is less than two weeks! So looking forward to a bottle of champagne, the zoo then the bar that night with wonderful people!

Until we speak again, have a wonderful night and day!

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